- By Bracha Kurzter

A few days ago I taught my 14-year-old cousin how to write a bicycle, and afterwards I was inspired, so I wrote 11 Ways Life is Like Riding a Bicycle, here it is:

11 Reasons Why Life is like riding a bicycle:

1. You need balance: if you lean too far to one side or the other, you'll fall off!

The Rambam writes (Hilchos De'os 1:4), regarding "all Midos," that a person should follow the golden "path of the middle" and not lean towards one extreme or the other.

Therefore in life, or while riding a bike, it is important that one always pays attention to where he is leaning!

2. You fall off, but in order to progress- you need to get back up!

There is a song that came out when i was in 3rd grade by Chumbawumba with lyrics like so, " i get knocked down, but i get up again, you're never gonna keep me down."

The point is, its not falling down that determines your worth- its if you get back up or not.

3. In the beginning you stumble and fall, but with more experience you can really get far!

In life we start out completely oblivious, and therefore we fall. We don't know how to use our intelligence and logic. However, as each one of us gets more experience we can use our knowledge and really make something wonderful out of ourselves!

4. If you look at the ground while you ride, instead of up ahead- you will lose your balance and crash.

In life, if we shuffle our feet and consume ourselves in our own little bubble- we not only damage our connection with the world... we damage the connection to ourself. We need to look up, to see whats around us, to connect to our environment, and then we can flourish.

5. It's innate.

Both riding a bicycle and living life comes to us in the same way- it's innate. It seems like every person on earth learns to/ or has the ability to learn to ride a bike.

In life, no one goes around not knowing how to live. Each person has their own personal theory, but the general idea is that we all get it.

6. when it throws you a curve, go with it!

When you ride a bike, and a turn is coming up- you lean with the curve. You dont fight it and go the other way.

Life sometimes throws you curves too, but in order to remain on top you need to go with them. If a tragedy happens, accept its pain, but go with G-d's larger plan for ultimate good!

7. It helps you get to where you need to go.

Some people believe that life is a joy ride, and that they're on it for the good ole jollies. Some people ride bikes around and around because they just feel like it. both people dont realize they have places to get to.

But in truth both life, and bicycles, are meant to bring you to the places you need to get to, and if you use them correctly you can really get far!

8. it doesn't move on its own.

Life and bicycles need people to operate them. Without a person behind the handlebar it just won't go anywhere!

9. when you get really good, you can do wheelies!

After you've been riding a bike for so long, you can start doing the special stuff.
Life is like that also, once you get the hang of who you are and where its taking you- you can pop some big miracles too!

10. It gives you muscles.

Life toughens you up like riding a bike does. Especially if you ride up hills.
The thing about riding hills on bikes is this: although going down is thrilling and exciting, riding back up, although hard, is what brings you the muscles.
the "free rides" in life are fun and enjoyable, but when it comes to building character its those big hills that do the job!

11. You can't do it forever.

Some people wish they could live forever. Some people believe it.
But just like riding a bike, your body wears out after a while, and you need to go home.

The important thing is that you enjoy the ride, and you get to where you need to go!

~ This is dedicated to my cousin who I taught to ride a bike last night.
I hope you enjoy my contribution!

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