Bicyclists winning a war of lanes in San Francisco

By Daniel B. Wood | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

<img width="78" height="120" align="left" src="" alt="">SAN FRANCISCO

If more lanes were available, 33 percent said they would commute by bike more often, the study found. When bike lanes were added to Valencia Street - a key corridor for bikers cutting through town- bike riding there went up 144 percent in the first year, Ms. Shahum says.
&quot;Ten years ago I was working too hard and started riding my bike to the office on weekends to get exercise,&quot; says Jean Fraser, a married mother of two and CEO of San Francisco Health Plan. &quot;I found it was cheaper, faster, and more fun than driving or riding the bus.&quot;

Commuting this way saves her $250 a month in parking fees and $2,000 a year on gas, Ms. Fraser says.

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