The new Velocipede Bike Project and The High Zero festival of improvised music are riding tandem.

<img width="137" height="120" align="left" src="" alt="">On Tuesday, September 5th at noon, there will be a concert at the
Velocipede Bike project (Lanvale and Charles sts.) of bicycle and
modified bicycle instruments. The concert is part of an ongoing series
of site-specific music events coinciding with the High Zero festival.
<a href=""></a>;

The band will consist of local electronic musician and Velocipede
member, Michael Muniak on bicycle; Philadelphia musican and
deep-thinker, Michael Anton Parker on bicycle; and Baltimore
experimental musician Dan Breen on (you guessed it), bicycle. Parker's
bike is modified for sound making and Breen will be playing a complex
instrument created by local musical instrument inventer, Neil Feather.

This should be a mysterious and beautiful affair.
This Tuesday, September 5th at noon. Velocipede Bike project at
Lanvale and Charles sts.

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