Bicycles have too much clout in San Francisco?

San Francisco Chronicle
Rachel Gordon, Chronicle Staff Writer - [a brief excerpt]

<img width="120" height="116" align="left" src="" alt="">The 2000 U.S. Census found that about 2 percent of the commuters in San Francisco pedal to work or school. City Hall set a goal to push that to 10 percent by 2010.

Advocates say that can't be done without the completion of a citywide bicycle network that likely would mean less room on the city's streets to drive and park cars -- a prospect that adds fuel to the tension in the city between motorists and bicyclists.

Rob Anderson is fed up. An active blogger, he sued the city to stop implementation of the bike plan. Anderson started a group -- he won't say how many members it has, but by all accounts there aren't many -- called &quot;Ninety-Nine Percent.'' The name is intended to highlight the fact that only a sliver of residents rely on bicycles and that the vast majority still drive, use public transit and walk.

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