Bicyclists are safer when they ride facing auto traffic???

Whenever something like this makes it to print I just cringe and makes me wonder just how effective our educational campaigns are. (And if you are asking what educational campaigns, my point exactly.)

Just to be clear, wrong way riding is one of the major causes of bike accidents and it does not prevent them. The following letter to the editor is wrong.

Bicyclists are safer when they ride facing auto traffic

I've read that Delaware has an extremely high rate of bicycle fatalities compared to other states. This is not surprising, considering the unreasonable biking laws in Delaware.

In states like Virginia, bicyclists are required to ride facing traffic. This way, if a car gets too close, the biker can avoid being hit. But Delaware law requires bicyclists to ride with the flow of traffic, with automobiles in back of them. That way, a biker has no idea what drivers are doing without looking backward at them.

If you ride a bike according to Delaware law, all you can do is pray that drivers see you and are considerate. Regardless of the law, I don't intend to put myself in danger by riding with my back turned away from drivers. I bike facing the traffic.

Cynthia McPherson, Newark

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