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At the time of writing the films that have more votes:

Orphans in Africa
The Cry of Humanity (Warning lots of disturbing images)
Strike It Up
Thumbs Down to Pity

It would be cool to have One Less Car, One More Bike selected as the issue of young Americans.

The Pittsburg, PA Ride Of Silence organizer was involved in the making of this film. Please consider giving it your vote! AND PLEASE PASS IT ON!

<a href=""></a>;
Our film, &quot;One Less Car, One More Bike,&quot; is one of the semifinalists.

Let me repeat: the film created by Jamie Walker, Carrie Pavlik, Doug Placais, Sarah Rogers, and Mickey Newman is a semifinalist in a national short film competition.

Please do the five of us a tremendous favor and vote for our film here: <a href=""></a>; .

You have between now and June 7 to vote. It would be amazing if five young adults from Southwestern PA were selected to represent a nation of impassioned youths before the United Nations.

If you'd like to read more about me and the creation of this film, please go to <a href=""></a>;

PS I apologize to you Mac users out there (I am one too by the way). The MSNBC page where the voting takes place only works on Internet Explorer with Windows Media Player on a Windows PC. Please find a PC that you can use to vote.

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