The Bike to Work Day Race (sort of)

[Note: Fictitious though inspired by the days events.]

Sheila Dixon (President of the Baltimore City Council) set an aggressive pace for the Bike to Work Day race from the very start and refused to give up her lead. But Otis Rolley (Director of Planning) was right behind and would not let her slack off the aggressive pace. Even Al Foxx (Director of Transportation) who was near the back of the pack fought to hold his position firm in the race till he encountered a couple of technical problems with the course, namely a storm grate and a pot hole which shaved seconds from his finishing time. Al was overheard saying

Seriously it was good fun and great to see some of our officials on bikes with smiles on their faces and having fun on city streets in the midst of traffic without a motorized police escort, which impressed me. I really did not get a chance to talk to any of our officials in person that day but lately I have been getting the impression that there is a huge government conspiracy involving the Mayor and a lot of city officials conspiring to make the city bike friendly. Well I guess things could be worse.

A good bike commuting article:
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She [One Less Car] encouraged cyclists to speed the process of getting the paths off the drawing board and onto the asphalt by regularly asking their elected city officials &quot;How's the bike plan going?'&quot;

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