Mayor's response to trolley path bus parking problem

<img width="160" height="102" align="left" src="" alt="">This has been an ongoing problem because there are no established rules for the old trolley lane. People take it over by force of will, and anybody does whatever they want in that space.

This is about to change. The space is supposed to only be used by City vehicles and bicyclists. The Dept. of Transportation is in the process of designing a bicycle Trail system that would run in that location, establish rules for its use, and increase safety for peds and bikes through better design and signage. Carley Francis at Planning is working on this project with Nasser Rahimi in Transportation. My message to you is that we're working on it, it will improve, and it will be reserved for bikes, peds, and official City vehicles. The name will be the Jones Falls Trail. The design will probably be finished in six months, but you can check with Nasser regarding those details.

Bike safe and all the best.

Martin O'Malley


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