Off Road to Athens

<img width="154" height="120" align="left" src="" alt="">Arlington, Vigrinia based Gripped Films is pleased to announce its first Baltimore screening of their award-winning cycling film, &quot;Off Road To Athens&quot; at the Charles Theater on March 15th at 7pm.

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It will also be shown at National Geographic's newly restored Grosvenor Auditorium as part of the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour on March 7th.
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The critically acclaimed film has been winning over even non-cyclists, some saying it's the &quot;Best Sports Documentary Ever Made!&quot; In a male-dominated genre, Off Road breaks the norm by telling not only the exciting men's competition for 2 available Olympic slots on the US Mountain Bike Team headed to the 2004 games in Athens, but also follows the heart-breaking women's chase for a sole position beside the men.

250 Word Synopsis:

Off Road to Athens is a documentary covering the tumultuous path taken by 8 athletes hoping to make the US Mountain Biking Team headed to the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. The film is fueled by the high-energy, high-stress world of Professional Mountain Biking but also covers the personal struggles and sacrifices of 4 men and 4 women who are vying for only 3 available positions. The viewer is taken on a ride from the jungles of Ecuador to the Highlands of Scotland, from historic Belgium to scenic Canada and many places in between. The movie culminates with a dramatic finish that no one could have predicted.

Off Road To Athens has a soundtrack made by D.C. composer, Haik Naltchyan. The music reflects the cultural diversity and excitement of each location visited and is unlike any high-energy sports documentary made.

Viewers will get a very personal glimpse of each athlete and hear how the US Cycling Federation made a mistake in their selection process causing a dramatic end to the story. The film will appeal to a broad audience that finds excitement not only in the race, but the travelling, stress of performance, stress on relationships, exhilaration of making the team and gut-wrenching defeat of not making it.

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