Bicyclists, Motorists and the Language of Marginalization

An interesting read, I don’t agree on every point but parts make you think. So what do think? Should the term MotorIST join the ranks along with RacIST and SexIST?

•    Racism, Sexism and Mode-ism
•    Bicyclists as Minorities
•    Manifest Destiny
•    Subspecies of Bicyclists and Where to "Put" Them
•    Duh Laws
•    Act Up

A few quotes:

How does a citizen obeying the law while traveling on a public road portray a negative image?

Then there’s the unwritten law. It’s based on ridicule, an attitude of superiority, ignorance or disparagement of the written law, and the ability to flee the consequences of antisocial behavior. If it were written it would say:
    Stay out of our way or we will scare the crap out of you, hit you, or maybe even kill you.

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