101 (ab)uses of a car

From a discussion group: On these winter rides I continue to be disgusted by the number of Mommy's that are sitting in their Suburban's, Expedition's, LX- 470's, Rover's, and Volvo's with their engines running, talking on the phone or reading a book, spewing emissions into the environment at the head of their few block deep neighborhoods waiting for little Biff and Muffy to get off the school bus. What is wrong with these people is a clear example of what is wrong with much of America.

First of all, why can't Biff and Muffy just walk the few blocks home? Howard Co. isn't full of wild animals or dirtballs and nare do well's out in the county hanging out preying on children. Second, if they need to meet them after school, why can't these little bips just walk (oh the horror) out to greet them. It makes me sick and I stare at them in disbelief.

Anyway, don't be like our little Mommies in their SUV guzzler's, when you get a chance, get on your bike and get in some kind of winter ride! -SL

B'lieve I can top that: on my regular commute in to work, for a couple of years, there was a woman who would drive her kid TO THE END OF THE DRIVEWAY to wait for the school bus. I shudder in horror... -SH
OK, I'm not sure if this tops that one but it could be very close. On Folly Quarter, headed from Homwood & Sheppard circle towards Old Fred, just past Carroll Mill, at the top of that climb on the left is a very "American" looking woman (how else can I say weight challenged) that pulled in her driveway, which is about three car lengths long. She stopped her Jeep, turned it off, got out, walked behind it, got her mail, got back in, STARTED THE CAR AGAIN, and drove two car lengths to park. Staggering....- SL

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