Everyday life as a cyclist

<img width="150" height="120" align="left" src="http://www.baltimorespokes.org/images/articles/20051225002043445_1.jpg" alt="">Watch the following video to see the type of harassment that cyclist experience all too often. The highlight is an SUV who refuses to give up an inch of road for a cyclist even though there are no oncoming cars. So not only does the SUV pass the cyclists recklessly close the SUV has to blow the horn all the way to demonstrate that roads are for SUVs and bikes should stay in the garage where they belong.

In the following video it appears that the cyclist is riding (safely) in the right hand tire mark because the lane/roadway is too narrow for a car to share safely side by side. The cyclist then moves to the right (as a courtesy) to facilitate the car passing who then proceeds to cross the double yellow line to give the cyclists enough clearance but heedless of an oncoming car who has to dodge right to avoid a collision. The next car who has no oncoming traffic decides not to cross the double yellow line and pass recklessly close to the cyclist blowing their horn all the way. And the last car is much like the first who can

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