Bike/ped access on MD 24/I-95 interchange project

<img width="160" height="118" align="left" src="" alt="">A brief run down on I-95 MD 24 interchange

From looking at BLOS maps MD 24 seems mostly bikeable except this one section. We need to put a stop to mass transit projects that build up the barriers to bike and pedestrian access even higher.

At this time IMHO the most cost effective means of providing bike/ped access would be have a detour route. From just looking at the map this is my tentative idea: (A cyclists should review the route for other issues.)

<a href=""></a>; (Note you can zoom in and click Hybrid for a satellite image overlay.)

This route is about a half mile longer then on MD 24 which is about as good as it gets for detour routes. The main issue that needs funding and attention is how to get from the shopping complex to Winter Run Rd. The route I marked seems to have a great deal of paths so I picked that as it might be the unofficial route anyway but just about anything along here will work. So I hope getting a little path in here or in back of one of the parking lots can be done as it is critical for creating a decent and desirable route that bike and peds will use. A further and prolonged detour along any other side road will only serve to discourage biking and walking.


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