Support the new bike lanes in South Baltimore by Greg Hinchliffe

The city is installing bike lanes on Fort Ave in South Baltimore.


This is a nice safety enhancement for riders going to Locust Pt and Ft McHenry.

Local residents are up in arms complaining about the improvement to their community.


What can they be thinking?

Please counter their noisy complaining with email, calls, letters of thanks and support of this and future bike enhancements to:,,,, (it's in his district) and
your own councilperson

We'll never get the bike enhancements we want and deserve if we let a bunch of NIMBY's have the say.

Feel free to forward as you wish.

Greg Hinchliffe
Chairman, Mayor's Bicycle Advisory Committee
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Apparently Sheila Dixion (Baltimore City Council President) stepped in and smoothed everything over so we have our bike lane! --- . . .o . . /L =()>()