Construction of the Potee St. Bridge

The following is an email I sent to a guy in the Transportation Dept.

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Someone called me and informed me that the construction of the Potee St. Bridge was
going to be with wide car lanes and no shoulder. We thought that construction
was a great time to make a bridge that is very bike-friendly.

I emailed him, and this is the follow-up email. Anyone who would like to
email Al Foxx, the director of Transportation, and tell him how wonderful it
would be to have a bike-friendly Potee St. Bridge is welcome to do so.




I heard at the Gwynn\'s Falls Trail meeting Monday night that you are now
working on putting bike lanes on the new Potee Street Bridge. Is that true? If
so, that is fantastic. I knew you could do this. Of course, as wonderful as
you are, you are, alas, not a cyclist. It is best to utilize those who
understand bicycle commuting so that your efforts are targeted efficiently. That is
why a meeting would still be a good idea.

When can we see your plans and offer our best and brightest input? Those I
have spoken with will be happy to accommodate your schedule to theirs. I
imagine you or whoever is in charge of the design intended to consult the Mayor\'s
BAC, as that is part of their raison d\'

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