Baltimore Sun article/response

Page 1 of the Maryland section of today's Baltimore Sun has an article on Critical Mass. There is a beautiful quote on P. 10 by David Brown, a spokesman for the city Department of Transportation where Brown said many people see the city as bike-friendly. The article is found on-line as well: Here

What a great opportunity. Who thinks that the city is bike-friendly? You should tell the Sunpapers YOUR opinions.

I called David Brown, and what he was really meant was that people he works with on bicycle events have been very happy with his cooperation. This is true, as I have worked with the City on an event and was very happy with the cooperation I received. In the news article it came out differently. I do not know if he mentioned that he was talking about bike events as opposed to bike riding. Many people do not understand what it is like to ride a bike in the city. The point is, this article and the quote opens the door to letters to the editor on the subject.

Responding to that by writing to the Sunpapers would be a great idea. You can do that on-line by going to

To respond to the Transportation Department and other City offices, see below.

for David Brown: davidbrown - for Al Foxx, Transportation Director, for the Mayor (always good to copy to him): and his deputy,

for more email addresses, go to the City's very nice web-site,

I will be writing about the front page article, which touches on the bike related arrests of late. Let me know if any of you guys are responding to that as well. That article can be found by looking at the newspaper on the newsstand or by going to: Or, just go to and read the headlines.

I will shortly email you the letter I sent to David Brown. I am hoping that the email address I have for him is correct as there are several people in City government with that same name.

Thanks all, for helping make the streets safer to bike..............Penny

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