Bike Lanes on Charles Street

Last Wednesday, final plans for the Charles Street Reconstruction Project were presented to the public. Please take a moment to submit your comments on the plans by next Wednesday! The new Charles Street will include some features that will be good for bicyclists, as well as some areas which could be better: - From 29th to University Pkwy, outside lanes will be wide, providing room for cyclists. Bike symbols in the pavement, and signs will designate the shared lane. Due to part time parking, bike lanes could not be installed, except southbound, above 29th street where there is no parking. - Significant pedestrian improvements will be made including much better crosswalks, and intersections designed to slow turning cars. Folks at JHU are pressing for raised crosswalks, and further improvements at Art Museum Drive, both are worth supporting. - Between 26th and 29th Streets the city announced plans to build an 11
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