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Thursday, May 07 2015 @ 07:37 AM UTC


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Hoody, goody or buddy? How travel mode affects social perceptions in urban neighbourhoods

Biking ElsewhereHighlights
• Car use has negative effects on urban communities by affecting social perceptions.
• More car use through a relatively poor area is associated with less positive views of that area.
• More walking through a relatively poor area is related to more positive views of the area.
• Attitudes towards young people are more negative when they are seen from a car.
• Attitudes towards young people are most positive when seen from a pedestrian perspective.

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Biking ElsewhereThe Big Question: not only is cycling more liberating than any other way of getting around, argues Emma Duncan, it's also more egalitarian

From INTELLIGENT LIFE magazine, January/February 2014

Transport is a subtly political business. Left-wingers like trains (central planning, low fuel consumption, largely egalitarian seating). Right-wingers like cars (freedom, independence, individualism). Only the bicycle crosses the political divide: it embodies both liberty and equality.

Even in rich countries, the cyclist has a greater liberty than any other traveller. She cruises up alongside traffic jams, as drivers fume. When the road is closed and screeching cars make angry U-turns, the cyclist picks up her bicycle, smugly wheels it along the pavement under the impotent glare of policemen, and nips back onto the road when their backs are turned.

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Biking Elsewhere[B' Spokes: I try to avoid quoting articles in their entirety but this is just too close to home. Having nice places to ride are nice but the real issue is are they accessible by the majority of the population? And the Baltimore metro area is notably lacking such amenities. And you don't have to go that far to get bicycling accommodation envy, Montgomery County and DC are way ahead of us and not just in miles of bikeways but also in things you would like to ride on. Sure they have a few things you have to take with a grain of salt but too much of our cycling infrastructure really pushes the minimum standards of AASHTO. Minimum things are not that comfortable to bike in. ]
By Bikeyface

Bike are a popular present for Christmas. And no doubt many kids are jumping with excitement about their new bicycles right now. However, very soon they will get wise to the nature of the world.

Someplace to Ride

Someplace to Ride

Someplace to Ride

Yep, within a few months they’ll know what they want next Christmas.

Someplace to Ride

So let’s help deliver it to them this year.
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How Being Heavy or Lean Shapes Our View of Exercise

Biking Elsewhere[B' Spokes: I wonder if this has some explanation why overweight people seem to be velmetly opposed to cyclists on the roads, at least that is my impression.]

Overweight women’s brains respond differently to images of exercise than do the brains of leaner women, a sophisticated new neurological study finds, suggesting that our attitudes toward physical activity may be more influenced by our body size than has previously been understood.

The resulting readouts revealed that overweight women’s brains were put off by exercise. Shown images of people being active, these women developed little activation in the putamen region of the brain, suggesting that they did not enjoy what they were seeing. At the same time, a portion of the brain related to dealing with negative emotions lit up far more when they viewed images of moving than of sitting.

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Exxon Hates Your Children [video]

Biking Elsewhere
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Study finds cycling in city harmful to heart and lungs

Biking Elsewhere[B' Spokes: This is rather disheartening but still there are lots of roads that are less traveled in Baltimore and if that is impractical a breathing mask.]
By Marcus Hondro, Digital Journal

If you ride a bike to work in a city you might want to check out a study from Trinity College Dublin. The essence of the findings is that while cycling, you're breathing in dangerous pollutants and doing yourself considerable harm.

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Exercise Prevents, Treats, Or Cures Basically Everything

Biking ElsewhereBy JORDAN D. METZL, SLATE

If there were a drug that treated and prevented the chronic diseases that afflict Americans and we didn't give it to everyone, we’d be withholding a magic pill.

We have that drug today, and it’s safe, free, and readily available.

Exercise has benefits for every body system; it is effective both as a treatment and for prevention of disease. It can improve memory and concentration, lessen sleep disorders, aid heart disease by lowering cholesterol and reducing blood pressure, help sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction, and raise low libido. Exercise does it all.

Even with cancer, particularly colon and recurrent breast cancer, the data show clearly that exercise is a deterrent.

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7 New Year’s Resolutions That Will Make You (and the Planet) Healthier

Biking ElsewhereBy Dave Greene, Clean Currents’ Sustainability Guy

1. Change one trip per week from car to bike. Yes, I love my bike. No, I don’t understand why everyone else isn’t as crazy about this mode of transportation as I am. I mean, I guess I understand. It can seem scary if you’re new to the game. But seriously: it’s so much fun. Plus it’s good for you: even a slow ride can burn close to 300 calories per hour. Plus every gallon of gasoline you don’t burn keeps 19 pounds of CO2 out of the atmosphere. Win, win, win, win, win.

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Bike Lanes & Right Turns

Biking Elsewhere[B' Spokes: I am puzzled why this is such a controversy in Maryland. Is our law cristal clear on this? No but trying to make a legal case for something different is a near impossible task.]
Via San Francisco Bicycle Coalition

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New signage to show the reality of things. :p

Biking ElsewhereBicycle safety signs, comic by Brett Hamil



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