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Thursday, April 24 2014 @ 11:47 AM UTC


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Wrong way sidewalk bicyclist hit

Biking in the Metro AreaA bicyclist was rushed to the Maryland Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore on Monday night after he was hit by a sport utility vehicle on Chinquapin Round Road in Annapolis.

At 10:13 p.m., police and firefighters were called to Chinquapin Round Road near the Lincoln Park Laundry. There they found a man lying next to his bicycle and the Nissan Xterra that struck him.

Police said the victim was riding southbound on the northbound sidewalk of Chinquapin Round Road and was riding across the cross street when he was hit by the SUV as it pulled into the laundry.

He was flown to shock trauma and his condition became critical en route, police said.

On Tuesday, police said the man was recovering and was likely to be released from the hospital by yesterday.
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Leopold Seeks Input on County Pedestrian/Bicycle Plan Update

Biking in the Metro AreaCounty Executive John R. Leopold has started a comprehensive study of pedestrian and bicycle facilities in the County's suburban and urbanized areas and has called upon citizens to become part of the process by attending public meetings and/or applying for appointment to the Citizens Advisory Committee.

The study aims to identify deficiencies in the current network of sidewalks, trails, on-road travel lanes, crosswalks, etc. and develop a systematic way to prioritize improvements as funds become available or as development occurs. The study will focus primarily on accommodating day-to-day transportation activities, such as travel to work, school, libraries and shopping.

Approximately 80% of the study is funded through a Federal transportation planning grant and it is expected to take about eighteen months to complete.

"Walking and bicycling are alternate modes of travel that should be encouraged and supported within our infrastructure," said Mr. Leopold. "This study will identify areas where improvement is needed."

In the meantime, the study will help the County identify those important projects that can be undertaken with limited resources and will serve as a guide for projects constructed by developers and Federal and State funding opportunities.

In addition to conducting a series of public meetings, the County Executive will appoint a Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) who will work with the Office of Planning and Zoning (OPZ) and project consultant to provide ongoing citizen and community perspective.

OPZ will announce dates and locations for three public listening sessions in order to solicit citizen input regarding the presence, adequacy or lack of pedestrian and bicycle facilities and amenities in their communities. Members of the public who wish to apply for an appointment to the Citizens Advisory Committee should contact the Office of Planning and Zoning, Transportation Division.
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Fort Meade project hearing Thursday

Biking in the Metro Area[B' Spokes: Sorry too late to go to the hearing but at least accommodating bicycles is part of the project.]
FORT MEADE — State and federal officials will hold a public hearing Thursday to discuss a project on Route 198 that would improve access to Fort George G. Meade.

A planning study has focused on Route 198 in Anne Arundel County. The goal is to improve traffic capacity along the roadway and increase motor vehicle and bicycle safety, while supporting development in the area. Route 198 provides direct access to Fort Meade from Route 32, the Baltimore-Washington Parkway and points south and west of the study area.
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Bikes Thefts A Priority for MD Transit Police

Biking in the Metro AreaBy Nick DiMarco - Patch

Maryland Transit Authority Police are cracking down on a rash of bicycle thefts—a trend that began in June, according to Northern District commander Capt. Robert Rosendale.

Nine thefts were reported between the North Avenue and Hunt Valley Light Rail stops with suspects using the light rail to escape with stolen property. Two more thefts were reported in the Lutherville area last week, although it is unclear if the suspects fled via the light rail.

MTA Police used a decoy bike at the Lutherville light rail stop to make an arrest in early September. Police are now attempting to identify (by serial number) and photograph all bikes attached to racks at light rail stops. By identifying the bicycles’ locations, police can more easily track down the time of day that the bikes were taken by using each station’s closed captioned cameras, Rosendale said.

The hope is that by narrowing the time of day and the train used to transport the stolen property, police will have a better chance to catch bike thieves.

Rosendale advised members of the Lutherville Community Association, during the group’s October meeting:

* Buy a sturdy lock (“A $5 to $10 lock can be popped off just like that.”)
* Make sure you have your bike’s serial number written down somewhere.

Federal grants are available for additional cameras at light rail stops, although the Lutherville stop isn’t slated for another installation for at least another year-and-a-half, according to Rosendale. The typical cost for an installation ranges from $500,000 to $750,000, he said.
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Baltimore County presses transportation projects to spur economic growth

Biking in the Metro AreaJust to note that bicycling is nowhere to be found in the article. :(

Cycling projects create MORE jobs per dollar spent then other transportation projects, not to mention MDOT has $31 million of federal funds that can be used for bicycling projects just siting there not doing a darn thing. ... but let's spin our wheels looking for additional money for other things.

Seriously guys. spend what you have.

But if you are interested in reading what Baltimore County is up too:,0,6778767.story

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Alert: Tell Anne Arundel: Trails are transportation

Biking in the Metro AreaAnne Arundel County wants to spend $6 million to connect two segments of the WB&A rail trail, following a circuitous and hilly route with an 800-foot bridge over floodplain wetlands. If they simply followed the old railroad bed, the route would be shorter, flatter, cost half as much, and built more quickly. The Parks and Recreation Department says it prefers the expensive and slow route because “No one has ever suggested that this trail will be used for transportation.” If that is true, we need to fix that now.

The Department is asking for comment on its 5-year plan. If you live or work in Anne Arundel (or ride on its trails) please tell the Department that the WB&A trail will be used for transportation.

1. Go to
2. Scroll to the form almost at the bottom.
3. on line 4 select Western Planning area
4. Fill out the rest of the form. If you work in Anne Arundel but live elsewhere, provide the Anne Arundel phone number. In the comments (using your words if possible), write something like:

Please extend the WB&A trail across the Patuxent River to Bowie with the shortest route and as few hills as possible. I use my bicycle for transportation. An extra mile on a bike is like an extra 5 miles for a car. An extra hill can be as annoying to a cyclist as a traffic jam is to a driver. Please build a straight trail on or near the old railbed, rather than a hilly detour.

5. If you do not live or work in Anne Arundel, we suggest that your comments mention the places where you spend money when you visit Anne Arundel parks.
6. If you want us to keep you informed, please send a copy of your comments to
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[Baltimore] County's new bicycle, pedestrian advisory committee hits the ground running

Biking in the Metro AreaPanel hopes to pursue state, federal funds for county trail initiatives
By Jon Meoli

With a goal of making Baltimore County more bike and pedestrian friendly — and also setting the wheels in motion for state and federal funding for projects — the county's new Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee held its inaugural meeting Tuesday, Nov. 8, in Towson.

Carol Silldorf, executive director of the advocacy group, Bike Maryland, called the committee's formation a "groundbreaking" step, and said, "Baltimore County can really start to move ahead in its bikeability and become an example for other counties."
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Triadelphia Mill: Do NOT Ride! Shredded & Not Adequately Signed

Biking in the Metro Areavia:

See Stuart Lamb's report and warning below. The County did warn us about repaving work on Green Bridge and Triadelphia Mill but the word did not have get out to everyone who rides these roads. PLEASE let any rider you see in area while riding know to avoid this area and send this to all listserves and all riders you know.

Vigo (CTA)/Bob Reid (MMTC): It is especially important to push this out to triathletes since road work is on the roads they normally train on.

Mark DeLuca/Bill Malone: Please have road crews investigate any issues with warning signs.

Captain McKissick: I would appreciate any information you can provide on condition of cyclist and any contact info.

I will put out word when road work has been completed and roads are again safe to ride.


Jack Guarneri
Bicycle Advocates of Howard County
From: Stuart Lamb

Cyclist injured today, shook my Garmin to death, water bottle ejected! The road from the Triadelphia curve where is becomes Triadelphia Mill (below Roxbury) to the end at Green Bridge road has been severely milled, very dangerous, 90% swept (luckily) but is really NOT ride-able on a road bike.

I was nearing the end of a metric century, climbed Roxbury, sharp right on Triadelphia, flew down to the curve and saw the 6” drop where the road essentially ends and becomes a horrible mix of carved up asphalt, old potholes, gravel. Vibrated me nearly off the road and very dangerous with cars trying to overtake constantly but having to weave to avoid holes.
Apparently, part way up Green Bridge has been repaved and I did the right/left jog to remain on Triadelphia Mill which is in terrible condition but has not yet been milled (if it is going to be?). I climbed out and finished my ride.

I came upon two HoCo police cars near the bottom of the hill just before Green Bridge. I was telling them how the signage (if there was any) was not visible to me coming from Dorsey and therefore I made it to the bottom before I knew it was torn up. I also reported to them a vehicle description and license number so they could send a letter to a honking, hassling driver from the morning departure. Then I noticed the bicycle.

They informed me that a young woman from Catonsville, out training for a big Tri (he said; in CA? San Fran?, “she won’t be making that trip…”) had not descended the hill as carefully as I had approaching them and wiped out. They said she was “flown” to shock trauma so I am assuming they mean by helicopter. Her bike looks familer, a dark blue painted SEVEN with a very tall headtube, Garmin 205/305 on stem, was lying next to the road & cars. I made sure they knew to take it and protect it (valuable).

There was one generator driven reader sign but it had been towed and parked at the park halfway through the torn up section (useless). It says the road work is to begin on/or about 10/25 which was the announcement we got from BAHC.

Oh well, started early.

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Bicyclists, government, CA working on making [Howard ] county more bike-friendly

Biking in the Metro Area[B' Spokes: A lot of good momentum is happening in Howard County. What I am quoting can be said about the entire state ]
"We don't have any kind of local network we can knit together," he said. "We need to be able to establish routes … that get us from the west to the east, from the north to the south, in more of a grid pattern for cyclists."

Read the full article:,0,475787.story
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Bikes and Baggage Cargo Event

Biking in the Metro Area
Proteus Bicycles
image image
image   image
Bikes and Baggage Cargo Event Proteus Bicycles
Date: Sunday, October 30
Time: 9:30am
Place: Proteus Bicycles
image   image

- Leave your car at home. -

cargo bike
image image
image image
Dig out your backpacks, racks, panniers . . . any safe way you can carry small packages. Discover just how fun and easy it is to do local errands on your bike. We have a fun route all planned out for you. You will go from stop to stop picking up packages and surprises, returning back to the shop for awards and celebrations.

This will be about a 10 mile ride routing you to various public places where one might commonly go on an errand. You will be amazed how fun and quick it can be using your bike instead of your car. Helmets are required and young and/or inexperienced riders should have a riding buddy with them. RSVP is appreciated. Check webpage in case of rain. Hope to see you there.

Jill DiMauro
Proteus Bicycles

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