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Tuesday, October 06 2015 @ 01:55 PM UTC


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Photo From Memorial Ride for Nathan Krasnopoler.

Biking in Baltimoreimage

Riders stop to admire the carvings at Druid Hill Park during the Memorial Ride for Nathan Krasnopoler.

Courtesy of Light Street Cycles
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Sharrows in Baltimore

Biking in BaltimoreA PowerPoint showing early mistakes in Sharrow placement and then some of the best practices for Sharrows.

<a href=""></a>;

Many thanks to (Your Excellency ;) Greg Hinchliffe for this.
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Baltimore's Border Vacuums

Biking in Baltimoreimage
The Highway to Nowhere is Baltimore's most notorious border vacuum.

Read more on how have border vacuums affected Baltimore
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Bikes in Mainstream Advertising: YouTube Commercial Roundup

Biking in BaltimoreBike Arlington does a run down of commercials that have bicycles in them. All of them deserve a watch (at least to show we support main streaming bicycling.)

One that stands out, a car commercial promoting sharing the road:

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Surface Streets Are Not Freeways!

Biking in BaltimoreB' Spokes: While I was biking up Charles Street some idiot car driver tells me I am not allowed to bike on highways. So I respond "Oh you're thinking of freeways." and then gave him directions to 83. The look on his face was priceless.

Two things to note from this is 1) He had enough time and space to comfortably drive along side me during this conversation and traffic was still able to get around the both of us. 2) 83 is typically doing crawling speeds at this time due to too many cars. Too many cars are the problem and not too many bikes!
Another story: The guy behind me is honking his fool head off for about one minute when I come to a double parked truck unloading. I slip off to the left of the truck and Mr. honking is no longer an issue. Nice situational awareness guy.

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Baltimore Bike Master Plan Update - March 9th

Biking in Baltimoreimage
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Crash Spoils Bike Heist

Biking in BaltimoreThe thief was nearly able to get away with a bike stolen from a yard in Hampden.
By Adam Bednar, North Baltimore Patch

Before you steal a bike, maybe you should make sure you can ride one.

<a href=""></a>;
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Baltimore City Trails Summit

Biking in Baltimore
Trails, Trails, Trails. . .
Baltimore City ‘s Department of Recreation and Parks would like to invite trail enthusiast of all kinds to a gathering to explore what’s new and what’s next.
Baltimore has miles of natural surface trails and paved trails.
We could not do it without our clubs and friends groups!
Come share what projects are going on, where new trails are, and learn about resources available for your trail!
Interested in Naturalist Trainings, Participating in National Trails Day, Single Track and Skill Courses, Work Days and Maps?  Come out and meet others interested in Trails in Baltimore!
Saturday, Feb. 9
10 a.m. – noon
Vollmer Center at Cylburn Arboretum
Agenda includes:
• Welcome from Bill Vondrasek, Chief of Parks
• Update on Jones Falls and Herring Run Trail
• Update on Baltimore Historical Trails by National
Park Service
• Planning for National Trails Day
To register, please contact Molly Gallant at (443) 984-4058
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6 months jail time for riding a dirt bike, kill a cyclist with your inattentive car driving... well a small fine will cover that

Biking in BaltimoreGranted dirt bikes are annoying but still... jail time for them and non for people who kill by motor vehicle?

Ref: <a href=""></a>;;
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As Trueheart is arrested today, charges were dropped yesterday against two activists arrested at City Hall in August

Biking in BaltimoreB' Spokes: While not bicycling related, we do need to encourage a more open government for the citizens of this city.

<a href=""></a>;

ACLU: City Hall bans “improper” and unconstitutional
Police spokesman says &quot;the mayor was not involved&quot; in keeping Kim Trueheart out of City Hall.
<a href=""></a>;

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