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Thursday, June 30 2016 @ 04:53 AM UTC


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So this is the question, does MD's 3' law allow unsafe passing in this situation or not?

Biking in Baltimore[B' Spokes: From testimony it appears that tucks want to be able to pass cyclists in this situation without crossing the double yellow. While their testimony mentioned "safe" passing I don't see how that's even possible with a truck. So while other places make trucks pass cyclists with greater clearances, Maryland seems to want to say to motorists anytime you can't safely pass a cyclist you can still pass. An interpretation I don't think will hold up in court, BTW.] image
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Dinner & Bikes with Elly Blue!

Biking in Baltimoreimage

Monday, May 20, 2013 7:00pm until 9:00pm in EDT
1 West North Avenue Baltimore, MD

Buy tickets here:

Please join us on May 20 from 7pm to 9pm for a traveling road show of vegan food and bicycle inspiration. Joshua Ploeg will delight with a vegan and gluten free buffet dinner, Elly Blue will present about transportation equity, and Joe Biel will show a near-complete excerpt from Aftermass, his forthcoming documentary about the history of bicycle activism in Portland. The event is followed with a book signing and time for questions, discussion of local issues, and perusing the traveling bookstore.
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Baltimore Velo is Over

Biking in BaltimoreB' Spokes, so sad. I was really hoping I would be supplanted by these guys and I could be the one to shut down. They will be missed.

<a href=""></a>;
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10 Things You Did Not Know About Prospect Park

Biking in BaltimoreSome info about Baltimore's Park.

<a href=""></a>;
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How to Bike To Work, Baltimore Style

Biking in BaltimoreGreat post from our friends at Bmore Bikes.

<a href=""></a>;
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Baltimore Bikeshare needs a Tango Partner: Better Bicycle Infrastructure

Biking in BaltimoreVia Comeback City

MDOT is requesting $882,000 for the implementation of “Charm City Bikeshare.” 44 stations and 425 bicycles are envisioned. Great news! However, it takes two to tango, and Baltimore will still need better bicycle infrastructure to create a beautiful dance in Charm City. Baltimore has made strides, but Bicycle Magazine is probably on target ranking Charm City 48th out of its top 50 US bicycling cities. Baltimore falls right behind Fargo, North Dakota and Anchorage, Alaska on the list.

To leap ahead of our frost covered competition, Baltimore should build a bike friendly infrastructure network, focusing on its destination rich center to complement Bikeshare. Envision a resident or a visitor starting their Charm City Bikeshare experience in Inner Harbor East. “Sharing” a bike to reach the Convention Center, Camden Yards, University of Maryland Baltimore/Hippodrome, or Penn Station, are all indirect awkward bicycle trips. However, these are the kind of bread and butter trips that make for a successful Bikeshare system.

<a href=""></a>;
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The brand new Bike Corral at Oriole Park

Biking in BaltimoreVia email

The attached was just installed yesterday [April 3], compliments of the Baltimore Orioles.  The bike corral (which is in addition to the racks next to the Babe Ruth statue) will accommodate 100 bikes.  It will also be supervised during Orioles home games (although the O's and MSA encourage you to secure your vehicles.)
This corral, just outside Gate C on Maryland Square, can be accessed via Lee Street or the breezeway in the Warehouse near the Veterans Memorial.
You will also find bicycle racks in front of Dempsey's Brew Pub, on the east side of the Warehouse, and at the Camden Yards MARC station (which will be upgraded this year.)
Please help us get the word out to the Baltimore cycling community.  Look forward to seeing you at the ballpark.  Go O's !!!
Jan Hardesty
Public Information Officer
PS.  Here is the message the O's posted on the center rack

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New Bike Parking Coming to Penn Station

Biking in Baltimoreimage
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Rash of assaults raises concern among city bike riders

Biking in BaltimoreB' Spokes: If you haven't heard what happened on Guilford...

<a href=""></a>;

Be careful out there folks and I'll note if you see suspicious activity examine all avoidance options including making a u-turn and riding against traffic for a bit.

Baltimore Velo has an update: <a href=""></a>;
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Baltimore Citizen Survey 2013

Biking in BaltimoreNot really biking related but if you live here in Baltimore:

<a href=""></a>;

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