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Thursday, April 24 2014 @ 04:37 PM UTC
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Zero Waste System

Health & EnvironmentAn environmentally and economically sustainable system where resources are kept in the production cycle

Rather than looking at our production systems as one way and linear, we can redesign them to be cyclical, as in nature, where there is no such thing as
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36 million drivers would flunk drivers tests

Biking Elsewhere...
Well, if a test administered by GMAC Insurance is any indication, one in six people cruising our highways and byways -- roughly 36 million licensed drivers -- would flunk their driver's test if they had to take it today. Not only that, but based on the 2007 GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test data the state with the most road-going dummies is New York, while the most knowledgeable ones are out West to Idaho.
* Drivers 35 and older were more likely to pass
According to GMAC Insurance, 18 percent of respondents failed its National Driving Test in 2007, compared with 9 percent in 2006. The test can be taken online at
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Gas guzzlers get new lives -- as tire-smoking hybrids

Health & EnvironmentWICHITA, Kansas (CNN) -- On a beautiful, crisp late fall afternoon, rock icon Neil Young took his 1959 Lincoln Continental for one last spin before a team of mechanics ripped out its gas-guzzling engine to make way for an electric motor.
"If we're going to make a difference, truly make cars more environmentally friendly," Young said, "we have to make that emotional connection."
The Lincoln's new electric engine will power the car and when it begins to lose juice, Young will simply flip a switch and the car will run on biodiesel fuel until the electric motor is recharged. "A 19-foot-long car, the longest car ever made at its time. Two and half tons, the heaviest car at its time," Young said, "And it can get 100 miles to the gallon, not 10 miles to the gallon."

Young renamed his car Linc-Volt, and is making a movie about the transformation, which he hopes to release next year.
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What are bike links?

Biking ElsewhereA 1972 video that depicts the Beginning of Eugene's Bike System and Riverbank Trail.

For the non-bicycle rider, let me raise this question, is the car the best and quickest way to move yourself from the university to the downtown mall? Consider this rapid transit alternative. [Shows fast motion video of bike going downtown.]
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Why is sponsored research into cycling safety so flawed?

Biking ElsewhereBy Bob Shanteau Bicycle advocates,

Many times in my career as a traffic engineer and bicycling advocate, I've had other professional engineers tell me that they do not support doing something for cyclists that I have proposed either because they are convinced that it is not safe for the majority of cyclists or they do not know how to do it in a way that is safe for cyclists. For example, some years ago I was speaking with the chief traffic engineer for Caltrans District 4 about bicycle access to the Richmond-San Rafael bridge. She told me that she was responsible for the safety of all road users and that she absolutely refused to allow bicyclists to use the ramps necessary to access the bridge. In another case, engineers for the Fort Ord Reuse Agency told me that they did not provide for cyclists on the reconstructed 12th Street interchange to State Route 1 because they did not know how to do it safely. More recently, the chief of the Electrical Systems Branch at Caltrans told me that she did not believe that bicycles could be reliably detected using inductive loops even though I had just given her a detailed presentation showing how it could be done.
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Pedal-powered Buick lands artist in court

Biking Elsewhere...
"The problem is only the perception. Police can't accept a car to be modified and to be moving without petrol."
"Automobiles are inherently dangerous because of their big powerful motors," said Fox, manager of the legal advisory department in a branch of the Canadian Automobile Association. "This thing only went 15 km/h. I'd like to ask the officer how many people have been killed by a muscular powered vehicle."
De Broin said his plan is to tow the car to court, win the case and then drive away "slowly" and "freely" on the streets of Toronto.
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Big Savage Tunnel - Great Allegheny Passage

Bike PathsThis is a well done mini documentary on the Great Allegheny Passage that focuses on the restoration and history of the Big Savage Tunnel.
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Smallest Production Car Ever

Biking Elsewhere
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Global Warming a risk management issue

Health & Environment[An interesting YouTube video on Global Warming]

An undeniable conclusion. (Go ahead. . . Try.) WARNING: mature content may be disturbing to some viewers.

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Tis the season for aggressive drivers

Biking in BaltimoreBe careful out there the days before Thanksgiving have some of the highest rates of aggressive driver violations especially the day before Thanksgiving. The evenings are especially bad so consider alternate routes or mass transit for the way home from work.

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