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Sunday, February 01 2015 @ 08:38 AM UTC
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The Google Transit Earth Day Challenge

Mass TransitIf your town does not yet have Google Transit available, you might want to think about pushing your city/town to make it happen. There are a number of reasons why getting Google Transit in your town might have a strong side benefit to our
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BMUFL and sharrows

Biking in BaltimoreI thought I would remind people that the revision to Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices is still open and there are several purposed reversions that (may) effect bicyclist.

To highlight a couple of things in the revision that may be of major interest:
* BMUFL sign (Bikes May Use Full Lane)
* Sharrow pavement marking

Since Baltimore currently has sharrows it might be interesting for the committee members to hear your thoughts on them.
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Giro De Birra: The Proteus Bicycles Brewery Series.

Biking in BaltimoreGiro de Birra Ride # 3 Mountain Bike @ Schaffer Farms and go to Dogfish Head Pub

Thanks for your interest in the Giro De Birra Mountain Bike Ride at Schaffer Farms. Here is the Location of the trail, we will meet here at 11 AM. Unfortunately, you will need a car to get to the trail head, AND to the brewpub, and then to get home. However, this ride is going to be excellent, and I think that everyone will have a lot of fun. We will do a beginner loop, and depending on how people feel we will run the trail twice. This ride is cyclocross bike friendly.

Please email josh.nadas(AT) if you have any questions or concerns.

Hey, you probably know by now that we like to have fun. We are a planning a series of very low-key out and back rides that involve a stop at a brewery along the way. Mark your calendars now. The pace will be leisurely. Details will be posted as they become available on the EVENTS section of

Make sure you bring a good lock!
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Bike/Ped Planner on the job!

Biking in BaltimoreGood news from Jessica Keller:

Nathan Evans, the City
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Save Traffic

Biking ElsewhereIf you spend enough time with something you might fall in love. And for many people they spend a lot of time in traffic but all those wonderful hours spent in traffic are in jeopardy as some politicians want to mitigate traffic. Mitigate is just another word for kill. Please help save traffic and watch the following video.
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Right to drive not auto-matic

Biking Elsewhere[Note MD stats: 2.3 million drive to work and average 631 traffic fatalities a year.]

Legislators need to update the way Oregonians get -- and keep -- their driver's licenses

More than 3 million Oregonians are licensed to use a deadly weapon.

Most of them use it every day: their automobile.

The casualty count -- about 450 highway deaths each year -- is considerable. But beyond grief and suffering, traffic accidents, including the most minor, carry a secondary -- and enormous -- social cost.

They cause congestion -- worsening pollution and wasting precious fossil fuels. That then prompts ever greater investment in ever more infrastructure in an effort to keep things moving. Meanwhile, the simple truth remains that if everyone in Oregon drove properly, there would not be a capacity problem on any of our highways.

It's time now for Oregon to take far more seriously the business of licensing people to drive. The current system is broken.
As for taking the test, sure there's a written exam. Cramming for it takes all of 12 minutes. Then there's that brief spell behind the wheel during which you go nowhere near a freeway or need to parallel park.

And once you snag a license, it's pretty much yours for life.
The next step is for legislators to thoroughly revamp the ways in which Oregon drivers get -- and keep -- their licenses. It makes absolutely no sense that we continue to spend billions on expanding Oregon's transportation infrastructure -- and next to nothing on teaching Oregonians how to use it.
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Tucson bike lawyer

Biking ElsewhereThe Arizona Daily Star has an article today on Tucson's "bicycle friendly" nature. It features comments by Richard Corbett and others about Tucson's desire to be the second city in the entire nation to achieve "Platinum" status by the League of American Bicyclists. This would put us at the very top in terms of how "bike friendly" our city is.

I have lots of mixed feelings about this, as readers of this blog know. For one thing, once you are at the top there should be nowhere else to go, but I see lots of room for improvement. Particularly in terms of how local law enforcement handles bicyclists who get assaulted by motorists, but also how it handles those who are injured.

I have clients who were hit in left-hooks, right-hooks, hit by baseball bats, shot at by paint-ball guns, struck head-on, deliberately struck from behind, and hit with fists -- all of whom got next to no help from the police department. I have a client who was charged with misdemeanor damage because his body left a dent in the car that swerved into him.
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Where do you ride in your mind?

Biking ElsewhereWhere you ride in your mind can be more important then where you physically ride. This video has some really cool transitions between urban cycling and mountain biking. As long as you have the wind in your face anywhere can be a pleasant place to ride.
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Santa Cruz Offers Bicycle Traffic School - Class Similar to Program For Motorists

Biking ElsewhereSANTA CRUZ, Calif. -- Bicyclists ticketed for cruising through a stop sign or other violations can now avoid a hefty fine in Santa Cruz by attending a special traffic school designed for those who pedal around town.

The two-hour class, which costs $35 and is patterned after traffic school for motorists, allows bicyclists to escape tickets costing up to $200. State law requires bicyclists to follow the same road rules as vehicles.

The Community Traffic Safety Coalition of Santa Cruz County came up with the program because the university town has a lot of bikes on the road and a lot of injuries

Santa Cruz police write up to 30 bike tickets each month
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Biking in MarylandMontgomery Bicycle Advocates ( have an initiative called that aims to help us get

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