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Friday, August 22 2014 @ 09:50 AM UTC
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Cycling Friendly Cities

Biking ElsewhereThe film features lots of happy cyclists from the Netherlands, Denmark and Colombia, and shows how creating a bicycle-friendly city is the civilised thing to do.

Scripted by Enrique Pe
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Drivers on cell phones clog traffic

Biking Elsewhere Motorists who talk on cell phones drive slower on the freeway, pass sluggish vehicles less often and take longer to complete their trips, according to a University of Utah study that suggests drivers on cell phones congest traffic.

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Biking in the Metro Area[Note: I am not sure if there is any bike/ped issues involved in this project but if you bike around UMBC you might be interested in this.]

The U.S. 1 bridge over Sulphur Spring Road in Arbutus, MD is scheduled to be rehabilitated in 2008. The main objective of this project is to replace the deteriorated concrete bridge deck and make some repairs to the bridge abutments. Additional maintenance work will include cleaning and painting the steel beams.
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Amazing freestyling

Biking ElsewhereHow many ways can one sit, stand and pedal a bike? Watch this video to find out.
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Move over, motorists

Bike Laws Avid bicyclists will tell you that a nice, long ride is an invigorating experience. But sometimes it gets your heart pumping for all the wrong reasons.

"There's plenty of times when you feel like that car came within inches of you," said Jeff Provisor, who owns Carpentersville's Main Street Bicycles. "Thankfully, knock on wood, I've never come into contact with a car. Motorists feel like it's an entitlement thing, like, 'What are you doing in my lane?'"

To cut down on incidents like these, Illinois lawmakers passed a law this year that will take effect starting Tuesday. Senate Bill 80 provides that motorists must leave at least a three-foot cushion when passing bicyclists on the road.
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Bikes, beer and one crazy bike ride

Biking ElsewhereFunky bikes at their best! The Tour de Fat is one of the craziest bike parades in the country. Sponsored by New Belgium Brewery, this event is all about self expression, custom bikes and fun. Nearly 2000 people dressed in costume, paraded through the streets of downdown Ft. Collins.
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For Congressman, Life in Bike Lane Comes Naturally

Biking ElsewhereBy GREG HITT, Wall Street Journal

WASHINGTON -- A little after 6:00 one morning, Earl Blumenauer emerged from his Capitol Hill row house. The temperature hovered near 40 degrees and it was really raining. The Oregon congressman hopped on his rust-colored Trek Portland, an aluminum-frame bicycle with a carbon front fork designed to absorb road shock, and pedaled to his office.

Though he was alone on the road, and despite the downpour, he stopped at every red traffic signal. At one odd-shaped intersection, Mr. Blumenauer mused aloud about all the streets jutting off at odd angles. Perfect for a traffic circle, he suggested.

Later that morning, House Minority Leader John Boehner, the Ohio Republican, was incredulous that anyone had been out in such weather. "Are you out of your mind?" he asked.

Some members of Congress come to Washington and get in the fast lane. The 59-year-old Mr. Blumenauer came to Washington and got in the bike lane. Few members of Congress care more than he does about cranks and sprockets.
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Mt. Washington and the Jones Falls Trail

Bike PathsBy: Charles Cohen, Urbanite

Even before Jeanette Ezzo has a chance to open her mouth, the birds begin making the case for her. On an early fall morning, they are dive-bombing in the tree tops, making a massive ruckus and helping demonstrate that this patch of woodland is indeed alive.

A Mount Washington resident and the research director for a Takoma Park medical publication firm, Ezzo stands on one side of a fault line that runs through this leafy northwest neighborhood. The city plans to build a bicycle and recreation trail through the mostly unused woods that wrap around the Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital on Rogers Avenue. A local group calling itself the Mount Washington Green Space Preservation Committee made an eleventh-hour plea to re-route the trail, but other residents have defended the plan, saying that a well-designed trail would give residents safe access to the kind of nature usually found in large parks a good drive away.
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Bike racks on buses

Biking in BaltimoreFrom John Porcari
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More cars and more highways equals...

Biking ElsewhereIn 2006, there were 6 million traffic crashes in the U.S., injuring just under 2.6 million people. In the same year, a crash occurred every 5 seconds, someone sustained a traffic-related injury every 12 seconds, and someone died in a traffic crash every 12 minutes. The Nations urban congestion problem resulted in 4.2 billion hours of travel delay, 2.9 billion gallons of wasted fuel, and a net urban congestion cost of nearly $80 billion, according to a 2007 Texas Transportation Institute report. Today, highway vehicle travel accounts for 81% of total U.S. transportation energy consumption.

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