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Saturday, July 26 2014 @ 11:10 AM UTC
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A Distorted Paradigm: Helmet Legislation Among Youth Detracts from a Comprehensive Attitude Towards Safety

Biking Elsewhere...
As H. L. Mencken would say, for every complex problem, there is a solution that is simple, neat, and wrong. This paper contends that helmet legislation as the primary thrust and cornerstone of bicycle safety campaigns among youth is a cookie cutter solution for three primary reasons. First, it misplaces the focus of campaigns and detracts from other safety behaviors. Second, it is an individual-level intervention that ignores a range of societal and structural factors that increase bicycle safety. Finally, it fails to take into account the importance of youth attitudes and social dynamics as important behavioral determinants. The overall effect is a myopic paradigm with which bicycle safety is approached, and this has harmful consequences for the overall aim of campaigns.
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Action against - Arrogance and Warming

Health & EnvironmentThe Bush administration
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Biking in BaltimoreFrom Eva Khoury -

With sadness, I will be leaving my post as DOT first Bike Coordinator the first week of Jan. It has been a pleasure working with you and all the great cyclists on the MBAC. I have really enjoyed helping to install the over 70 bike racks, introducing Sunday Streets to DOT and interviewing consultants for the next phase of the BMP.
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Seattle streetcar debuts

Mass TransitSeattle's $52 million South Lake Union Streetcar began passenger operations Wednesday following opening ceremonies and speeches. The 1.3-mile line, backed by Microsoft Corp. co-founder Paul Allen and financed largely by private businesses along its route, is touted as a tool for economic development and to combat global warming.

The line, with 11 stations, is expected to handle 330,000 riders per year.
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Product recall: Specialized 2D helmets

Biking ElsewhereRoad Bike Rider reported two months ago that there was a problem with this helmet when Specialized asked us to withhold a review. Now a recall is official, affecting at least some of the 3,000 2D helmets produced (in China). The helmets fail safety testing, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. They were sold for about $200 between July 2007 and October 2007 for men and women in black, white, silver, blue, pink and team colors. "2D" is printed on the sides. If you have one of these helmets, stop riding in it and return it to a Specialized dealer for a replacement or refund.
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Oh no, now we are anti-clean energy... which is nuclear power ???

Biking ElsewhereNuclear energy ... we know that it is the cleanest source of fuel for our future

And let me repeat, Mr. Speaker, it raises taxes, it is anti-nuclear and anti-dams, it forces people out of their cars, and gives tax credits for riding their bike to work.

- Republican minority leader of the House, John Boehner.
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Arizona Woman Charged With Going 68 In A 45 Zone - On Her Bike

Biking ElsewhereGrace Picket was in a hurry to get to work last week. She needed to travel 47 miles from her home to work in Scottsdale, Arizona. That big hill into town was just too hard to resist.

Avid cyclist Grace Picket averages around 150 mile a week on her road and mountain bikes combined. She occasionally rides the 47 miles into Scottsdale and has her husband pick her up from work and drive them back home.
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The National Bicycle Greenway 6th Mayors' Ride

Biking in BaltimoreStarting at San Francisco 4/28 and ending Boston 7/27. It will be passing thru Baltimore on Wednesday 7/16. Riders are wanted to take part in some or all portions of the route.

I will probably join them in route from Pittsburg and on thru to Philadelphia, all are welcome to join in.
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Sandy Point Park & Arundel Mills Mall

Biking in the Metro AreaJust to let you know the Baltimore Bike Trails & Routes has been updated with a route to Sandy Point State Park as well as a route to Arundel Mills Mall.
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Is walking as efficient as cycling?

Biking ElsewhereWell if you add some solar panels, a robot and a chariot you at least get a something that makes an interesting video.

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