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Friday, April 25 2014 @ 09:34 AM UTC
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DC to Pittsburg

Bike PathsVideo of the opening of the Hot Metal Bridge to bike and pedestrian traffic and the remaining 9 miles of paths should open within a year.
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Future Jones Falls Trail Walk

Bike PathsThe City will lead a walkthrough of the original trail route, starting at the Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital, on Saturday December 8, at 1:00 p.m. All are welcome; some may then walk the alternative route at the Northwest Park afterward.
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Cyclists are responsible for their own safety when a motorist passes, NOT!

Bike LawsI
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The case of "impeding traffic" in Trotwood, Ohio

Bike Laws...
However, more importantly, publication of the case greatly increases its precedential value to future cyclists who wish to challenge traffic citations.
At the February 7, 2000 trial, Officer Vance testified that Mr. Selz "...was driving in the middle of the lane..." and was going " more than 15 miles per hour..." She further testified that " had to stop and ... go over to the other lane to get around him..."

It should be noted that State Route 49 at this point consisted of five lanes, two in each direction with a universal turning lane between them. It should also be noted that Mr. Selz was charged with violating Trotwood Municipal Code Section 333.04(a), for "impeding traffic" and was not charged with a violation of Ohio Revised Code Section 4511.55(A), which requires cyclists to ride "as near to the right side of the roadway as practicable..." (This ended up as a critical distinction in the eyes of the court of appeals, as will be discussed below.)
It became clear as the trial progressed that the City of Trotwood was going to take the position that if you can't ride 45 mph then you can be charged with "impeding traffic."
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Cycling is only for exercise and can never be useful

Biking ElsewhereYa, right. Well these Portlanders certainly did get some exercise doing a
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The hybrid car, misleading as the "low-fat cookie" with 500 calories

Health & EnvironmentFrom a local Green discussion group:

Unfortunately the "Hybrid car" has already been hijacked as a green marketing term by the manufacturers (including Toyota) so that it is now as misleading as the "low-fat cookie" with 500 calories. Lexus and Ford luxury cars and SUV's are among the offenders.

A Prius is good, but for many driving patterns, no better than a Honda Fit, to name one of many alternatives. And a Prius emits more fossil CO2 than a VW Golf diesel burning diesel fuel blended with 50% recycled vegetable oil.

My overly-pedantic point: Hybrid is not synonymous with fuel efficient, nor is it the only or best way to reduce automotive CO2 emissions!

I agree completely. The Chevy Tahoe Hybrid gets 21 mpg in the city and 22 on the highway yet somehow was named "Green Car of the Year". The mind boggles.
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No car, no problem

Biking in Baltimore[An article from last year that I just found.]

Are the rising gas prices making you dizzy? Are the insurance premiums on your car hurting your pocketbook? Or do you just not own a car?

Don't despair. Contrary to popular belief, you can live in and get around Baltimore without a car...

On two wheels
If you've got a bicycle and are in the mood for some exercise, you can take advantage of several bicycle trails throughout the city. The two main trails are the Gwynns Falls trail and the Jones Falls trail. The Gwynns Falls trail starts at Leakin Park in Northwest Baltimore and follows a 14-mile path by the western fringe of the Inner Harbor and the Patapsco River's Middle Branch. It connects more than 30 neigborhoods in West and Southwest Baltimore with parklands. The Jones Falls trail runs from Druid Hill Park to Penn Station, paralleling the Jones Falls and passing by several historic mills.

"The city is working on a master bicycle plan to make biking easier," said Michael Strawbridge, manager of the Gwynns Falls trail. "Currently, you can take bikes onto some of the buses and the light rail. We're working on making it a more comprehensive system."

Bruce Greenwald, a northwest Baltimore resident, uses the Gwynns Falls trail three to five times a week. "I've ridden on the weekends a lot," he says. "I'm actually planning to ride to work over this summer. I bike mostly for recreation, but with gas over 3 bucks a gallon, the opportunity to get a workout while getting back and forth from work seems very tempting."

Jennifer Desanta commutes to work on her bicycle once or twice a week during the summer months. "I go down Roland Avenue mostly," she says. Though she bikes regularly, she says that Baltimore is not a very bike-friendly city. "Bikers are not respected in the streets. There are a lot of accidents. If there were more bicycles then perhaps drivers would learn to be more aware."

There are plans to expand the city's current bike trails, according to Anne Draddy, manager of the Jones Falls trail. "The phase from the Penn Station to the Inner Harbor is designed," she says. "We would like eventually to have people come in from out of town, rent a bike at the Inner Harbor and ride all the way up to the zoo."
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Residents blaze new trail

Bike PathsAlternate plan offered for Mt. Washington biking-hiking route

This article in the Sun covers one side of the Jones Fall Trail debate as it tries to cross Northern Parkway.
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Biking on the Cheap

Health & EnvironmentAs the issues of energy and the environment cruise into the consciousness of more Americans, people are looking for ways to help conserve energy and reduce the pollution they produce. Big business has taken notice and is ready to sell you all sorts of stuff to help you
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Yogurt vs. Gasoline

Biking ElsewhereAnother race in NYC bike (yogurt) vs. motorcycle (gasoline.)

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