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Monday, August 03 2015 @ 05:09 PM UTC
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Stolen Bike

Biking in BaltimoreFrom: Amber Blake


My bike was stolen from the garage at the Baltimore Metropolitan Council. It is an electric blue Orbea, with silver writing. (Road Bike), it has a carbon fiber fork, black handle bar tape, Dura-Ace components.
If anyone sees it can you please contact me? It's not your run of the mill bike so it will be pretty easy to spot.

I have video footage of the guy stealing the bike, and he left a bike he rode in on with his prints all over it (unlocked) in the garage. The city police wont look at the footage (Bldg security put it on a flash drive for them), nor will they dust the bike he left for prints. The value of the bike makes the crime a felony (grand theft -bicycle).
Also, if anyone has any suggestions as to what other steps I should take please let me [us] know.


Amber Blake
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Worldwide Bicycle Accident Survey

Biking ElsewhereThe New York Cycle Club, a 1,600+ member organization, located in New York City, is conducting a worldwide bicycle accident survey. The results will be published as part of a cycling risk assessment study that will be made freely available to the public at the conclusion of the survey. It is for education and advocacy purposes. The survey contains dozens of data points and its design is streamlined to have folks get through the survey as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Please consider entering one or more accident survey responses. The more responses, the more meaningful the results will be. Thank you.

Here is the link: <a href=""></a>;

Thank you very much for your consideration.

Peter O'Reilly
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Biking in MarylandThanks to One Less Car

<a href=""></a>;
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Bicycle Campaign Gears Up for Campaign Cycle

PoliticsBy Colby Itkowitz, CQ Staff

Like many avid bicyclists, Tim Blumenthal takes care to use his energy sparingly. But that didn
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Help Recover Stolen "Baby"

Biking in BaltimoreMy bike was stolen from a locked shed on the 4000 block of Hazelwood Ave (near Mary Ave) on Thursday night (26 June). The bike
is basically new. I am offering a cash reward for the bike or information leading to its recovery.

2008 Specialized Globe Hybrid Bicycle
Large men's Frame (58)
Metallic grey (looks blue) overall /Silver writing
Larger saddle-- Black/Silver sides (Cannondale)
Straight-style black handlebars, with black &amp;amp; gray handgrips
Black Bell seatpost bag
Black water bottle cage
Write Barrydalmi &quot;at&quot; or call 410-533-0320

Thank you all.....

A picture can be seen at... enlarge in metallic grey

<a href=""></a>;

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Trek Stop

Biking ElsewhereIf you happen to be in Madison, Wisconsin during the next few weeks, check out the
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Bike commuting on YPR 88.1 FM 6/2 1:00 PM

Biking in BaltimoreCheck out Mid-Day with Dan Rodricks 12:00-1:30. The segment on bike commuting is expected to air at 1:00 pm.
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Department of Public Works - Recycling FAQ

Health & Environment* What is Single Stream Recycling?
* Are the new recycling bins mandatory?
* What can I use for my material?
* What types of plastics are accepted in the single stream program?
* Under the new Single Stream program, when will my material be collected?
* Why are plastic bags no longer acceptable?
* What about the sale of yellow recycling bins?
* Is the recycling material that is collected, really being recycled?
* What Are Acceptable items?
* We cannot accept (examples):
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Cycle-based Breakdown Patrols

Biking Elsewhere
With 60,000 cars and more than 100 breakdowns expected over the two weeks of Wimbledon, the bikes will cut through busy car parks to help ease the chronic delays that often result for thousands of revellers.
The new pushbikes represent a return to century-old roots for the AA, best known for its familiar yellow vans. The first AA patrols rode cycles from 1905
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Route to work?

Biking in BaltimoreHi. I'm moving to Baltimore from Chicago, where I currently have a 15 mile round trip commute.

In Baltimore, I will be working at JHU's medical campus, and sometimes at Bayview. I am considering living near the subway stations along Park Heights (e.g., Reistertown or Rogers metro stations), so that I can take the subway sometimes, but I would also like to bike sometimes as well. Is there a safe way to go from there to JHU if I'm traveling only in the daytime?


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