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Saturday, June 25 2016 @ 10:26 AM UTC
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Learning to Drive

Biking Elsewhere[We need a movement like this here.]

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) is consulting on proposals to alter the Learning to Drive process.

CTC [the UK'S national cyclists’ organization] suggests that:

* more account be made in the driver learning process of cycle awareness, better explaining cyclists' rights and the reasons behind cyclists' road positioning.

* cycle awareness must also be part of the training process for accredited driving instructors and examiners.

* The theory and hazard perceptions of the test, now 5 years old, need to be used to explain to learner drivers the safety reasons behind rules and initiatives.

The proposals also suggest that 'pre-driver training' be introduced as a qualification for teenagers before they start on-road lessons. CTC suggests that National Standard Cycle Training (or Bikeability) level 3, designed to give young teenagers the skills to negotiate busy roads and junctions, fulfills many of the elements of pre-driver training admirably. More widespread application of cycle training amongst teenagers will help reduce collisions amongst this age group, keep them cycling, and turn them into better, more considerate drivers.
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Wheel incentive in Minneapolis

Biking ElsewhereBiking to work in Minneapolis shot up last year to rank the city in a virtual tie for tops among big U.S. cities--and that's before $4 gas.

"City government is just getting geared up. We're starting to do a lot more stuff. People just really want to get out and bike here for environmental reasons, gas prices and health. This is largely a grass-roots community thing. But it doesn't hurt that we have lots of facilities." -- Shaun Murphy, Minneapolis' non-motorized transportation coordinator.
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Reporter tries bike commuting

Biking ElsewhereFor years, I was scared to bike to work. In Portland, of all places.

I was afraid I'd get flattened, out there on my rinky-dink bike amid the beefy Yukons and boxy Westfalia vans that roam the region. These are not unusual fears. Even in the nation's bike-happiest city, fewer than five percent of Portland workers pedal to the office, according to U.S. Census estimates. Some of the rest might consider the option if persuaded they'd get home in one piece.

I wasn't persuaded. But I tried it anyway. Three months later, I'm alive to report: The fear is gone.

Pretty much. ...
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Caltrain Biker Arrest Sep 25 2008 - 7 min

Biking ElsewhereBiker gets on train, finds available spot in bike rack (3 bikes were on rack, sign says capacity is 4). Conductor tells biker that train is full, demands he get off. Biker refuses. Police meet train at San Carlos station, biker arrested.
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Station North Bike Rack Competition

Biking in BaltimoreStation North Bike Rack Competition-- thought I'd pass this information on:

"Station North Arts & Entertainment, Inc. announces the Station North Bike Rack Project. Eight (8) uniquely designed bike racks will be created and installed throughout the Station North Arts & Entertainment District to enhance the area with these sculptural installations, while simultaneously promoting bicycling within the city of Baltimore.
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This is midtown Manhattan?

Biking ElsewhereHow do you expect to have a vibrant city without over accommodating cars?
Hint: Try attracting and accommodating people, they are after all the ones that spend the money.
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Baltimore County Announces Employee Carpool Program

Health & EnvironmentEncourages Citizens and Businesses to Carpool, Use Transit [Hey! Why no mention of bikes??? :-( ]

BC Rider. Save Money, carpool.

Towson, Md. (September 11, 2008) — In an effort to reduce the monetary and environmental costs of commuting, Baltimore County Director of Sustainability David Carroll today unveiled a new carpooling incentive program for county employees. He also encouraged citizens to carpool, use transit and other environmentally-friendly options; and advocated for businesses to offer programs that promote these options to their employees.

The new carpool incentive program, called BCRider, invites County employees to "green their ride" and enjoy free parking, guaranteed rides home and other program elements that help increase convenience and cost savings. Employee carpools with at least three participants are provided with convenient, reserved, carpool spaces in County-owned garages, and a free guaranteed ride home in the event of a family emergency or unscheduled, mandatory overtime. Carpools will be given one extra parking card for members to use occasionally on days when car pooling is not feasible.


"With gas prices of $3.50 per gallon, an employee with a 35-mile round trip commute spends more than $5,300 per year in gas, parking, wear and tear and other costs, and somebody driving to Towson from one of the neighboring counties could be spending upwards of $7,000 annually," said Baltimore County Sustainability Director David Carroll. "Between the cost savings, and reduced environmental impact, carpooling makes a lot of sense."
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Volunteers for Tour du Port

Biking in BaltimoreTour du Port needs volunteer for the event on October 5th. They particularly need route marshals. If you are willing to be a volunteer email Charina Chatman cchatman"at"
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School siting, a change is coming in Maryland

Biking in MarylandWhile 50% of parents biked or walked to school when they were kids only 15% of todays kids bike or walk today. And coincidently (or not) that difference is close to our current obesity rate. To me one of our core issues whether our roads should be unsafe or should they be safe to bike or walk to school (and to other destinations by kids.) Allowing schools to prohibit students to walk or bike there (with no attempt to fix the problems,) allowing the construction of bus accessible only schools where even from the very start the plans strongly discouraged any student ever from biking or walking to school. If it is acceptable to do this with kids then it is acceptable to do this with any who want to bike or walk.

Well Maryland Department of Planning has produced this exemplary guide on the subject. While the contents may not be of interest to the average reader of this site it is worthy of note that it looks like Maryland gets the "state of the art" award on this very complicated subject.
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Save-A-Limb Ride.

Biking in the Metro AreaFrom an email NBBB received:

I wanted to invite you and your fellow cyclists to join celebrity Tour de France veterans Floyd Landis and Bob Roll for the 3rd Annual Save-A-Limb Ride on Sunday, September 28th at Oregon Ridge Park in *censored*eysville, MD.

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