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Thursday, July 30 2015 @ 12:08 PM UTC
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Driver Kills Radford Cyclist, Merely Loses License Temporarily

Biking Elsewhere- July 27th, 2008 by Matt O'Toole

Fess Green was a friend of mine, so this is difficult to write about. He died April 29 from injuries received in an accident April 23, when 20 year old Ryan Sherman failed to yield to oncoming traffic and made a left turn across Fess’s path.

Ryan Sherman had a history of recklessness behind the wheel — driving too fast for road conditions, and driving “outside restrictions on his license.” (In other words, he probably drove anyway while his license was suspended.) But despite this history, after killing a man, Ryan Sherman received only another temporary suspension of his license, and had to pay only $1500 of a $2500 fine. I am speechless.
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Free Mediative walk around the Reservoir in Druid Hill Park Thursday, Aug 7th 6-8 p.m.

Health & EnvironmentHi All,
If you are looking to do something a little different,come and spend a few peaceful moments in Druid Hill. All are welcome.

Come to a Free Meditative Walk in the park. Thursday, Aug. 7, 2008, from 6-8 p.m. in Druid Hill Park around the Reservoir and along the Jones Falls hiking/bike path

The Qigong Walk is part of Conscious Movement Across America, a grass-roots approach to self-healing and healing our communities through arts like Tai Chi and Qigong. The Tao Brothers are Accem Scott and Michael Clark, a bi-racial teaching team that aims to bring health, wellness and fellowship to all Americans across racial, economic and religious boundaries. ( <a href=""></a>; or 828-280-7287)
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Biking Elsewhere***MEDIA ALERT***


Representatives Pedal Bike-Sharing Challenge to Delegates and Convention-Goers: 10,000 Rides and 25,000 Miles!

WHO: - Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR)
- Rep. James Oberstar (D-MN)
- Rep. Thomas Petri (R-WI)
- Rep. Zach Wamp (R-TN)

WHAT: Reps. Blumenauer, Oberstar, Petri and Wamp will host a news conference to announce a &quot;bike-partisan&quot; challenge at the Democratic and Republican National Conventions as part of a new bike sharing program.

Humana Inc. and the not-for-profit Bikes Belong are bringing 1,000 free bikes to the political conventions as part of Freewheelin, a bike sharing initiative whereby bikes and bike stations are set up throughout the city for people to use for short trips. Bike sharing is a good for the body, the environment and the wallet.

As part of Freewheelin, the Congressmen are challenging delegates and all convention-goers to get on a bike and, collectively, participate in 10,000 bicycle rides and tally up 25,000 miles.

WHEN: Wednesday, July 30, 2008
10:00 a.m.

WHERE: U.S. Capitol (West Lawn)

WHY: Amassing 25,000 miles of cycling would burn more than one million calories and significantly reduce the carbon footprint in Denver and Minneapolis-Saint Paul. The challenge will also play a vital role in helping alleviate traffic congestion and transportation costs for the duration of the conventions.
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Announcing Development of a Strategic Trail Plan for Maryland by MDOT

Biking in MarylandDear Friends and Supporters of Trails in Maryland,

I am very excited to let you know that MDOT is leading a strategic planning effort to guide development of a bicycle and pedestrian trail network that connects people to the places in which they live, work, and play. The plan will chart a course for Maryland’s state and local agencies to implement a seamless, multi-use trail system that can be used for transportation by bicyclists, pedestrians, runners and others. MDOT is committed to continue working with our local and state partners in this effort and we want your input in the plan development process to ensure that your plans, perspectives, needs and visions are included.

We have created two easy ways for you to provide input:

First, I invite you to complete a simple online survey. Click on the following link, which will take you to directly to the survey at the SurveyMonkey website. It will take just a few minutes to fill out.

<a href=""></a>;

Second, through our project website, we provide an opportunity to use Google Maps to give us geographic information about where trail improvements and linkages are needed. Go to the website using the link below. You will find instructions there and a link to the Maryland Trails Google Map.

<a href=""></a>;

In addition to completing the survey yourself (and giving us ideas on a map), I want to encourage you to forward this invitation (by email or in newsletters) to your friends, colleagues and fellow members of bicycle, pedestrian or trail interest groups in which you are involved. The survey and map will remain open from now through September 30, 2008.

For more information about the project, I have attached a project announcement flyer that explains this exciting effort. You can also visit our project homepage at <a href=""></a>;.


Sylvia Ramsey

Manager Community Enhancements Programs
Office of Planning and Capital Programs
Maryland Department of Transportation
Sramsey1 &quot;at&quot;
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Tour du Greater Homewood / Baltimore Bike Pageant

Biking in BaltimoreHello! My name is Frankie Gamber, and I work for Greater Homewood Community Corporation. Our Waverly Main Street program is celebrating the Waverly Village National Night Out Kick-Off Parade this Saturday, August 2, and we have two cycling activities tying into it:

9:30 a.m.: Tour du Greater Homewood
A relaxed bike ride through north central Baltimore , winding through Roland Park, Hampden, Remington, Station North, Waverly, and Ednor Gardens . Begins at the Roland Park water tower ( Roland Ave. and University Parkway ) and ends at 35th and Greenmount, just in time for the start of the National Night Out Kick-Off Parade. Free t-shirt for everyone who rides!

11 a.m.: Baltimore Bike Pageant
Sign up to ride in the National Night Out Kick-Off Parade, and compete for great prizes from One Less Car, Proteus Bicycles, Light Street Cycles, and REI. Parade route is Greenmount Avenue between 35th and 29th Streets. Costumes welcome!

Mayor Sheila Dixon will be walking in the parade, and 92Q’s Street Team will be there. We hope you’ll join us – and please spread the word to your cycling contacts! For more information, please visit <a href=""></a>;.

Frankie Gamber

Frankie Gamber
Special Assistant to the Executive Director
Greater Homewood Community Corporation
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Want to become a true outlaw? Ride a bicycle

Biking ElsewhereBy BEN FISTLER, Mason City

I have always had an affinity for all things counter-culture and rebellious.

I would watch James Dean in “Rebel Without a Cause” with awe. The way he could put on his red jacket and scare the “squares” with his lawlessness has always been intriguing to me.

I bought an old and loud car, tried to race around, but instead of scaring elderly women I was waved to and given the thumbs up by people on the street.

I like motorcycles, too. I liked to read and watch shows about gangs like the Hell’s Angels, seeing parents hide their kids’ eyes from the outlaws in odd clothes as they turn the towns upside down speeding through the streets on their evil machines. I even bought a motorcycle, a real loud Harley-Davidson with a crazy paint job and load exhaust.

Once again I failed in my rebellious ways. I was waved to even more, no matter how loud my bike was. I couldn’t even get any attention from the law. I never received a single traffic ticket for loud pipes or otherwise on that motorcycle. It’s locked up in my shed.

I thought my dreams of being a real, scary rebel were over until I really crossed the line: I started riding a bicycle.

Immediately I was treated with the kind of disrespect from the general public and law enforcement I had been searching for.

Just this morning my wife and I were out riding our bicycles and a respectable citizen yelled obscenities at us from his pickup truck while his young son sat beside him. Yes, I have made the passage into true outlaw land: I am a cyclist.

Since I started riding a bike, the money I’ve spent on fuel has dropped enormously. I’ve lost 25 pounds and made other crazed, outlaw friends, as well. We do wild things like ride our bikes to work and to our children’s sporting events, and wear odd clothes. Sometimes, we ride just for fun.

I heard about another wild man out on a bicycle who was cited for riding his bike on the sidewalk of our fair city and riding his bike without a light. True trouble indeed, riding his bicycle on the sidewalk. I applaud him for his audacity in such an unlawful act.

Earlier this summer, I was riding my evil machine with my gang through the streets and stopped at a red light, looked both ways and went ahead through that red light when I saw no cars were coming. A man sitting at the light on a Harley and full leather regalia cursed us “damned bikers” for our unlawfulness. If you don’t see the irony in that, you have missed my point.

Instead of cursing people on bicycles, thank them. For every bicycle on the road there is one less car. Besides the obvious environmental impact that brings — the shorter wait at the stop light, the slight drop in demand for oil — think about your children on their bicycles and the first time you learned to ride.

Think about the countless people whose health has been positively impacted by cycling.

You might even want to give us a thumbs-up.

But for goodness sake please just look out for us. After all, we don’t have loud exhaust pipes or scare your grandmother, do we?
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“Get On The $#@&ing Sidewalk!”

Biking ElsewhereI am almost constantly amazed at the situations that cause people to blow a gasket at a cyclists. Here a woman who is trying to park her car finds [horrors] a cyclists in the road creating an &quot;unsafe&quot; situation by delaying her parking by maybe a second.
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Home Theater Interiors / Acoustic Panels

Cyclist\'s Yellow PagesGreetings, I have really enjoyed riding with BBC and the Glenelg Gang over the last many years. I started my own Home Theater Interior company a couple of years ago in 2005 and developed the best product for the lowest price in the entire consumer electronics industry. If you want to create a better sounding room for your music, our ClassicA Acoustic panels may be the answer and more important than spending much more money than they cost on equipment. If you want to convert a drywall room or finished basement into an incredible place to hang out with your family and friends, and to watch the Tour in glory, check out what we do for a complete room package on our website at <a href=""></a>;. I sell my products through consumer electronic dealers but I will pass along their cost to any local cyclists which will give me additional local installations for marketing photo's and support my local cycling community. Email me at or call me at 410-707-0659. Thank you, Stuart.
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10 cycling tips for surviving London's streets

Biking Elsewhere[This has some great advice for this side of the pond as well. Remember the UK equivalent of a left turn is our right hand turn. Explanations are in the read more link.]

1. Always assume motorists will turn left without indicating
2. Watch out for other cyclists
3. Never undertake lorries and other HGVs
4. Keep your tyres pumped up
5. Report pot holes
6. Take the back roads
7. On narrow London streets, occupy the middle
8. Don't give the finger
9. Ignore the cycle lane if it looks dangerous
10. Get a helmet already
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The need to destroy

Biking in BaltimoreWe need to destroy the belief that bicyclists are &quot;different.&quot;

We need to destroy the belief that bicyclists take time and resources from motorists

We need to destroy the belief that bicycling among motorists is inherently dangerous

We need to destroy the belief that despising, harassing, or threatening bicyclists is acceptable.

We need to destroy the belief that deaths and injuries of cyclists due to motorist carelessness are inevitable.

- closetbiker

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