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Thursday, October 23 2014 @ 05:50 AM UTC
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Because of bus/car centric design of school students are discouraged to bike and should take the bus instead

Biking ElsewhereWhen the Bridgewater-Raritan High School environmental club settled on a way to spend more than $2,000 raised over the last four years, co-president Michelle Slosberg never imagined their choice would be so controversial.
More than a week ago, the carbon-conscious students offered to buy and install a bike rack at the school, but were baffled by the response. Principal James Riccobono declined the offer.
Slosberg and Dransfield said Riccobono expressed concerns over the safety of students jostling with the heavy bus and car traffic in front of the school and biking along busy Garretson Road.
"In as much as the district provides courtesy busing to students who live within walking distance of the high school, because of the danger on Garretson Road, it does (not) make sense, in my opinion, to promote the riding of bicycles to school," the letter read.
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Bike Maint 101

Biking in the Metro Area5/14/2008 7:00 PM

Working on your bike can be a daunting task, but fear not, REI is here to help! Join up with one of REI?s bike techs to learn the basics of bike maintenance such as a how to fix a flat, lube a chain, and other adjustments that will keep your bike in good running order. In addition, the clinic will provide insight on overlooked yet simple maintenance techniques that will improve your riding experience. This clinic is a great lead-in class to other advanced bike maintenance classes.

Location: REI - Timonium
Contact: Customer Service at 410-252-5920
Cost: Free
Registration Required? No.
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FREE instructional ride series

Biking in the Metro AreaIf you missed the first sessions you can still get some benefits by attending these rides.

!! BBC
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Come check it out! Art and Music at Velocipede Friday!!

Velocipede Bike Project
(Art about tricycles--curated by Orlando M Johnson)...Yeveto will be gracing us with their beautiful music as well

A study of the Trike

At Velocipede-- 4 W. Lanvale St.
May 2-25 2008
Opening Reception Friday May 2, 7-10pm
Alyssa Dennis
Charlotte Benedetto
David Cunningham
Kathy Fahey
Laurent Hrybyk
Orlando Johnson
$5 Donation Suggested
Kiersten's Cakes, Now Child Sound Stage, Graham Wimbrow, Rachel Y.
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Alert - National Bicycling Strategy for National Bike Month

Bike LawsTake Action! --- Support House Congressional Resolution --- from the League of American Bicyclists -

The House Congressional Resolution on Bicycling (H.Con.Res. 305), introduced in February, calls on the United States Congress to adopt a national bicycling strategy to fully realize the incredible benefits of getting more people bicycling, more safely, more often. There is a "sense of Congress" that complete streets policies are essential to ensure wise use of considerable Federal investment in transportation infrastructure, and that expanded funding for bicycling and walking programs is desirable and appropriate.

As we celebrate National Bike Month in May, cities and organizations throughout the country will be hosting events promoting bicycling as a healthy, fun, and viable form of transportation. This is also a perfect opportunity to contact your Congressional Representatives to thank those that have signed onto the Resolution and urge those that have not to so.

A good showing for the Resolution is essential as this would serve as the first ever comprehensive bicycling policy statement and would serve as an important policy statement guide for the next transportation reauthorization which begins next year (2009).

As part of National Bike Month please take a moment to Contact your Congressional Member to urge them to support HCONRES305.
Thank you.
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WBAL to feature bike commuting

Biking in the Metro AreaOn Weds, April 30th, Sandra Shaw from WBAL (TV 11) will be broadcasting live from Bel Air, Md. She is doing a feature on the upcoming Clean Commute Month and Bike to Work Day in May.

Watch between 5:15 and 6:50am.
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The Great Bike Ride and Kids Festival

Biking in BaltimoreGrab Your Bike, and Let's Ride! First Annual Baltimore Bike-A-Thon and Kids Festival!
Music! Food! Mascots! Activities! Prizes! Fun!
Saturday, May 17, 2008 Druid Hill Park 9 am
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If you bike in Howard County, please consider joining Friends of BAHC -- Bicycling Advocates of Howard County

Biking in the Metro Area

Since late last year, *many of the leaders from *all* the bike groups in Howard County *have been working together on a new committee called *Bicycling Advocates of Howard County (BAHC). * :) Jack Guarneri is chairing the group and doing an awesome job!!! Some of the clubs involved are the Glenelg Gang, HoCoCyclists, APL Cycling Club, Mid Maryland Triathlon Club, Baltimore Bicycling Club etc.

The goal of Bicycling Advocates of Howard County as an organization is to work with the Howard County Government, and other government agencies when needed, to improve the safety of roads in Howard County that are the most heavily used by bicyclists

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The problem with parking and bike lanes

Biking in BaltimoreIs that cars are parking against the bike lane stripe rather then against the curb.

It seems to me that along Roland Av we had a mostly usable area between parked cars and the travel lane, now that it is marked as a bike lane too many cars are not parking against the curb and too many cars in the travel lane are not scooting over if you ride the stripe or in the travel lane to avoid the door zone of parked cars (3-4 feet.) Comments would be appreciated.
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Mount Washington Water Tasting Results

Health & Environment

This morning [4/27] the Mount Washington Green Club held a water-tasting. We compared the tastes of three bottled waters (Evian, Fiji, and Deer Park) with Mount Washington tap water in two forms (straight from the tap, run through a filter). Each water was labeled only with a letter, so we did not know which water we were tasting until scores were given and the comparison was completed. Here are the results (high scores represent the best taste):

Mt. Washington Tap (filtered) 39
Deer Park 30
Fiji 29
Evian 28
Mt. Washington Tap 17

The Mt. Washington tap water that was run through a water pitcher with a carbon filter received the highest score. Deer Park water, which is locally bottled, received a score slightly above that off Evian and Fiji, which are bottled in very distant locations. Unfiltered Mt. Washington tap water came in last.

So for the best tasting water (and probably the healthiest), we are recommending running our local tap water through a carbon filter. For our test, we used a Pur water pitcher like the one pictured here. They seem to run from about $10 to $30 and the filters have to be changed periodically.

We also want to remind everyone that besides being expensive (Fiji water is usually over $2.00 a quart), bottled water creates a trash problem. In the recent cleanup of Western Run, a large percentage of the trash taken from the stream area was empty plastic water bottles. Transporting water bottled in distant locations like the island of Fiji or Evian, France also seems like a terrible use of resources and probably contributes to global warming.

So we would like to encourage everyone to choose filtered tap water over bottled water, and locally bottled water over water bottled at distant locations. Thanks!

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