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Thursday, October 23 2014 @ 09:21 AM UTC
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The Mayor's weekly rides from City Hall

Biking in BaltimoreI think it is an incredibly cool thing that the Mayor is not only encouraging of cycling in general she also has been encouraging her staff and employees to make healthier life style choices and it seems more and more are participating in these early morning pre-work rides.

Special thanks to Light Street Cycles for providing loaner bikes, helmets and technical support for these rides.
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Bike to Work Day 2008 is May 16 - Registration is OPEN

Biking in the Metro Area
May 16, 2008 is bike to work day. Mark your calendars, or better yet, REGISTER ONLINE.

The first 225 will receive a canvas bag and T- shirt. The first 500 registrants will receive a T- shirt.

This year's Grand Prize will be a trip for 2 with Adventure Cycling on the C&O Canal. For trip information Click Here

We are currently gearing up to make 2008 our most successful event. If you are interested in volunteering, have any new innovative ideas, or would like more information on how to participate, please visit the BMC Bicycle Commuting page or e-mail Jamie Bridges at
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stolen bike

Biking in Baltimoremy bike was lifted today between 11 and 12:30 from the bike rack on my car at boston street in canton. It is a red 97 Specialized Hardrock AX 19 inch frame, black full fenders, shimano spd pedals, gel seat, Michelin city comfort tires tires. Has a washington cycle sticker on the frame. it also has a clip for a small band under the seat and clip on the handle bar for odometer. if you see it please let me know at info at
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Part 2 of Bicycling the Harbor Promenade, yes and no.

Biking in BaltimoreFrom Douglas McCoach, Director
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Have you seen the price of gas lately?

Biking Elsewhere
Image courtesy
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Turning Big Truck Traffic into Electricity

Health & Environment...
It took him eight years to get a working prototype, but now there's one working at the Port of Oakland which Kenney calls the "Dragon Power Station". Special plates are set on the road, and as big trucks drive over them (about 2,500 of them per day at the port), they compress a tank of hydraulic fluid under the road, which in turn creates a series of pumping actions that turns a generator to produce electricity.

By June, the Dragon should generate about 5,000 to 7,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity each day, or enough to power up to 1,750 homes. Not bad for a prototype.
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Where bikes and cars belong

Biking Elsewhere
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Good helmet does not need to cost an arm and a leg

Biking ElsewhereOn the store shelf sit three helmets. One is $40. Another is $80. The third is $145. They look identical -- same brand, same box, same color and shape. Only a small tag above the price differentiates them by name.

So why the price difference?

You're not the only person asking this question, and it may seem that "you get what you pay for." So why not buy the best?

But slow down.

There are a few things to consider before forking over the cash for a long-term purchase such as a helmet. Unless you crash, a helmet should last five years, so be sure the money is spent well.

Randy Swart, director of the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute in Arlington, Va., said the bottom line is this: All helmets on today's market are made to specified safety guidelines outlined by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

That means they're all safe. That applies to the $7.14 Bell-brand cartoon-covered helmets available at Wal-Mart and to the $189 Giro-brand Atmos, made popular by cycling superstar Lance Armstrong.
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Forbes - Best And Worst Cities For Commuters

Biking ElsewhereNearby cities that made the lists:
Worst: No. 7: Washington, D.C.
Best: No. 10: Richmond, Va.; No. 5: Pittsburgh, Pa.
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Yehuda Moon on biking to school

Biking Elsewhere

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