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Wednesday, July 30 2014 @ 11:05 AM UTC
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NYC Opens Traffic Crash Data -- Finally

News you will not see in MarylandAfter years of prodding from safe streets advocates, the New York City Council, and the tech community — not to mention reporters — New York City has finally released comprehensive traffic crash data.

“This is amazing, and more than what we were expecting," said Noel Hidalgo, the head of civic technology group BetaNYC. "The geocoding and integration with the data portal are unexpected and *extremely* pleasant surprises.”
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Mass Bike Police Safety Video

Biking Elsewhere
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Struck on the Street: Four Survivors

Biking ElsewhereB' Spokes: In the story linked below is why reducing pedestrian and cyclists crashes mater. They are not just fender benders but with people, they have a life long impact on the quality of life. We need to put an end to mean streets, we need to put an end to giving preference to just one "class" of people, as if that "class" of people are always in their cars and never ever walk or bike. That should not be the ideal of society, always having to use the car to get anywhere, especially just to cross a major road.

Both Baltimore and Maryland are wondering why they are losing population while totally ignoring Maryland's high pedestrian fatality rate and Baltimore's high pedestrian crash rate. There needs to be more of an effort towards people, not just cars.
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April Bike Rides Brings Cyclist Of All Ages

Biking in the Metro AreaVia Catonsville Rails to Trails

On April 26, a small caravan of cyclists gathered behind Western School of Technology and Environmental Sciences and followed the proposed route of the Catonsville Short Line Railroad Trail from the rear of Charlestown to the Mews on the Mellor. The first annual Artstravaganza Festival with artists displaying their art work and a gathering of food trucks combined to make a fabulous event.
(There are pictures of the event in the link.)
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Annapolis Police See Spike in Bicycle Theft

Biking in the Metro AreaVia Fox Baltimore

Annapolis police say they have seen an increase in bicycle theft as the weather grows warmer.

A total of six bike thefts were reported in April, police said Wednesday. Officers advise bicyclists to use a sturdy bicycle lock and choose well-lit, well-frequented places to leave the bicycle.

"Protect it every time and everywhere," police said. "Not only lock your bicycle, but lock it to something at least as secure as the lock itself."
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Highway Safety Officials Urge Marylanders To Share The Road

Biking in MarylandBy Christie Ileto, CBS Baltimore

TOWSON, Md. (WJZ) — A new push to make roads safer for Marylanders, whether they’re driving, walking or biking. Highway safety officials are trying to stop a scary spike in pedestrian deaths.

Christie Ileto has the roadway warning.

It’s a battle between pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, and it’s playing out on Maryland roads.

“Pedestrian fatalities are on the rise in Maryland,” said Mike Sabol, MVA spokesperson.

The MVA says 1 out of 4 fatalities is a pedestrian fatality. Officials Friday are putting the warning out–police are beefing up patrols to make sure everyone shares the road as it gets warmer.

“We want the general public to be safe out on the roads and have drivers yielding to pedestrians and have pedestrians to see and be seen out on the road,” Sabol said.

And the penalties could cost you. Drivers failing to yield to pedestrians or pedestrians who jaywalk could face fines of up to $500.

[B' Spokes: But, but, jaywalking isn't illegal]


Last month, a driver hit and nearly killed two cyclists in Anne Arundel County. Earlier this week, a Goucher student died after he was hit trying to cross Dulaney Valley Road in Towson.

And in the Towson Circle Friday evening, WJZ cameras caught cars refusing to stop while we crossed on the crosswalk.

Numbers from the MVA tell a grim story.

Last year, Baltimore County had 21 pedestrian fatalities. Baltimore City had 12, Anne Arundel County had seven and Howard County had four. They’re stats that officials say are too often and too many.

Police say law-breaking drivers can also face points on their licenses.

The Street Smart campaign officially launches in the Baltimore area next week.

I also found:

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47% of Marylanders want to move elsewhere

Biking in Maryland"Maryland is a close third, at 47%"
B' Spokes: My conjecture put people first over cars. Stress alternate transportation and mixed use zoning (a.k.a Walk Score) so there are places to go and things to see nearby that are comfortable to bike to. Cars are misery, things without cars are often very pleasant.
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Montgomery County added 100,000 residents since 2002, but driving didn't increase

Biking in MarylandB' Spokes: This story stands in stark contrast to Baltimore County's... how to describe... expecting a car apocalypse any day now because they are re doing such a great job accommodating only cars to attract residents and business. [cough, cough] And no way in heck is Baltimore County going to emulate Montgomery County when there are more important things to do like... again not sure how to describe... keeping out Baltimore City's undesirables? That's my impression anyway.

This may be worth a read for those of you in Baltimore County:

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Areas With Most Shootings, Robberies to Get More Police on Bike Patrols

News you will not see in MarylandBy Casey Cora, DNA Info Chicago

BRIDGEPORT — Police officers on foot patrol in high-crime areas will ride bicycles to help boost their visibility in the neighborhoods, city officials announced Friday.

More than one-third of the 360 officers assigned to foot patrol in "Operation Impact" have been equipped with the police bikes since April 1, Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy said.

The policing-by-bike strategy, tested during the 2012 NATO summit, allows for more interaction with residents and gives police more mobility, officials said.

McCarthy said crime rates have dipped in the 20 impact zones — murders are down nearly 50 percent, shootings are down 43 percent and overall crime is down 26 percent.

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For entrepreneurs, cycling is the new golf

Biking Elsewhere[B' Spokes: If you want to attract talent then you need to encourage cycling. And just trails is not going to cut it, we need better education for drivers and better enforcement for bicyclists rights!]
Via CNNMoney

"Unlike golf, cycling is also a great equalizer," said Andy Clarke, president of the League of American Bicyclists. "You're the same as the person riding next to you. So it makes people more approachable. "

Entrepreneurs also gravitate toward cycling because it's a better way to stay in shape, said Clarke. It's also less time consuming and relatively less expensive.

"It's a better cardio workout. You can get a great ride done in one to two hours as opposed to hours on a golf course," said Michael Marckx, CEO of eyewear company Spy Optic. "And you can actively network with more people."

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