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Wednesday, October 22 2014 @ 10:22 PM UTC
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MIT study: More people die from 'road' pollution than car crashes

Biking in Baltimore"A recent study by MIT found that the pollution caused by driving causes more early deaths in the United States than the number of people who die each year in traffic crashes. Major sources of combustion pollution are roads and power generation."
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Register Today! Early bird prices end August 31st!

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Early bird registration has been extended!


photo credit: smilygrl/Alliance for Biking and Walking

2014 Tour du Port Important Date Change to September 28

Due to a schedule conflict with Baltimore City Rec and Parks, the date for Tour du Port has moved one week later to September 28, 2014. We apologize for the inconvenience and have extended early-bird prices until September 1st! We'll use the extra week to serve up an extra special ride!  Stay tuned for exciting new ride features and updates in the weeks to come.

Sign up today: 2014 Tour du Port Info    Registration

Here's a preview of what you can expect on the 50 mile Raven Challenge route:

  • Start on the Jones Falls Trail. After a quick jaunt east from Canton Waterfront Park, the Raven Challenge route picks up the Jones Falls Trail. You'll ride along the Fallsway working your way north
  • Bike through Johns Hopkins, Loyola and Beautiful Baltimore Neighborhoods. The route continues north through Johns Hopkins Homewood campus, Loyola and classic Baltimore neighborhoods featuring stately homes.
  • Ride through Loch Raven and the Rolling Hills of Baltimore County: You filled up your water bottles before the ride, now see where that water originated!   The route crosses Loch Raven Reservoir and heads east for a nine mile loop past Boordy Vinyards and returning to Loch Raven. 
  • Head Back through Morgan State and around Lake Montebello. After passing through the Loch Raven watershed twice, you start to return south, heading through Morgan State University and around Lake Montebello.


Larry's Ride is Back on September 14th and Better Than Ever

Registration is open now!  Joint registration with Tour du Port is available for $60. Hurry early bird registration ends September 1st!

Enjoy the beautiful scenic and challenging terrain at the 5th Annual Larry's Ride event.  Larry's Ride features four beautiful yet challenging routes through rural Baltimore County out of Camp Milldale. Choose from Larry's Rolling Ramble (22 miles), Larry's Rural Rampage (35 miles), Larry's Reservoir Roll (60 miles) and the brand new route: Larry's Rural Ruckus (75 miles).
After the ride, stay in Camp Milldale for a barbeque lunch, beer vendors, socializing, music and more!

Bike Maryland's New Executive Director, Meet Nate Evans

As a life long bicyclist and Marylander, Nate knows the current cycling conditions of the state and the challenges we face to make our home more bike-friendly. 

Nate got his start biking at a young age when he discovered the freedom and fun of biking in suburban Baltimore. Unlike his classmates who were buying cars, Nate bought a Trek bicycle which he still owns to this day.  After college, he worked as a consulting civil engineer to the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) before joining Baltimore’s Department of Transportation as the city’s first full time bicycle and pedestrian planner. Today, Nate is excited to continue working with advocates across Maryland in his new capacity as executive director. With his knowledge of bicycle planning, engineering and funding, Nate hopes to empower advocates with the tools they need to make their Maryland communities more bikeable. 

Read more about Nate's accomplishments here and stay tuned to hear about Bike Maryland's strategic plan and vision for improving bicycling state-wide.

Upcoming Maryland Bicycle Events

​An event from Annapolis Bicycle Racing Team touring Chesapeake Bay's western shore with four routes 25, 50, 62 and 100 miles. Early registraton closes August 27 with same-day registration also available.
September 7: Indian Head 100
A ride through the scenic Potomac Heritage area of Southern Marlyand with five route from 16 - 100 miles. Pre-register until September 5, walk up registration available.
September 20: Music to Your Gears
Bikemore's second annual free celebration featuring great live music, food trucks, relaxed cycling and general good times out of Druid Hill Park in Baltimore City from 4:00-9:00 PM.
October 11-12: MOCO Epic
A mountain biking event in Montgomery County hosted by MORE offering flowing sigle track through 11 parks with distances ranging from 25-65 miles and full blown festivities.
October 19: Lifeline 100
A first annual Anne Arundel County century ride hosted by BikeAAA with 15, 56 and 100 mile routes featuring views of downtown Annapolis, the Severn River, southern Anne Arundel County and more. 

Support bicycling initiatives. Join Bike Maryland
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Bicycle Route 66 and Amtrak Bicycle Task Force

Biking in MarylandCOME TO CUMBERLAND

If you happen to be in the area, please come to our special get-together in Cumberland, Maryland, on Thursday, September 4th. Ginny Sullivan and Saara Snow, both from our Travel Initiatives Department, will be there to discuss progress on Bicycle Route 66, the new Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Bike Route, the latest developments in the U.S. Bicycle Route System, and national advocacy projects, including an update from the Amtrak Bicycle Task Force. Food and refreshments will be provided. The event takes place at the Cumberland Trail Connection, 14 Howard Street, from 5 to 7 p.m. If you're able to attend, please RSVP at or (406) 532-2751 by September 1st. For full details, visit this link:

Via Adventure Cycling Newsletter
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Cities Need Traffic Laws Recognizing Cyclists As The Most Important People On Earth

Biking Elsewhere[B' Spokes: First the streets were public places, then came the car and with that streets became unsafe for everyone but cars. But that is a lie, car on car killing of people is at an outrageously high level but no one bats an eye at all the death. They play lip service in "improving" safety for pedestrians with crosswalks, like two thin and faded lines are going to make an improvement. They play lip service to improving bicycle safety by first telling cyclist not to ride close to parked cars and then installing a mandatory use bike lane in that very space they told us not to ride in. It seems to me they are doing "safety washing" by saying something is done for "safety" but the reality is it either encourages more speeding cars or does nothing to slow them down, all and all the streets remain "unsafe for all but cars" or at least that is the general perception.

We need to get the streets back from cars, we need streets as public spaces and bicyclists are the best to make that transition. Bicyclists are in a way half car, half pedestrian, the perfect intermediary to make this transition. Bicyclists are the indicator species of a happy healthy society, we need to see more kids on bikes... do I hear you interrupting with "But the roads are uns..." Stop! Stop right there, what you are really saying is "The roads should be unsafe so I can drive fast." This is wrong! Drive fast on the interstates, fine but on the local streets we need a new attitude, a new cyclists first attitude.

Maybe the following article goes a bit overboard with the cyclists first attitude but I think it is a conversation we should be having, at least to get better compromises then what we are currently seeing.]
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For Cleaner Air, Get Out of the Car

Biking ElsewhereLondon study finds that bike commuters are exposed to less air pollution than drivers
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Bicyclists injured in early morning hit-and-run crash in Stevenson

Biking in the Metro Area[B' Spokes: According to reports on Facebook the driver claimed they didn't realize they hit someone... look at the photo of the windshield, ya right, disgraceful.]
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The solution to too many cars.

Biking Elsewhere image
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Cyclist\'s Yellow Pages[B' Spokes: Wishing Carol all the best on her new adventures in life and a big thank you for what you have done for bicycling in Maryland! ]

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A pet portrait is a gift that will always be remembered!

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Police Investigate Hit and Run Bicycle Collision on Route 108 in Laytonsville Area

Biking in the Metro Area

8/15/14 – UPDATE:

A witness to this hit-and-run run collision contacted the police department with additional information about the striking vehicle.

The witness described the striking vehicle as:

  • a silver Toyota 4Runner
  • with a Maryland “War of 1812” (Star-Spangled) license plate – see example below
  • The tag should be similar to: 2 , unknown letter, unknown letter, 3, 9, 5 , 6 – see example below. The numbers may not all be correct.
  • Anyone with information on the striking vehicle is asked to call the Montgomery County Police non-emergency number at 301-279-8000.

2    ?   ?  3   9   5   6


This and more information:
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Recent bike-related deaths renew safety debate

Bike LawsBy CATHERINE SHEFFO, Capital Gazette

After a rash of high-profile bicycle accidents, Maryland's General Assembly might consider strengthening laws that allow judges to punish careless drivers.

Last month saw the sentencing of a Calvert County driver who hit and killed bicyclist Patricia Cunningham, of Annapolis, while she was riding on Riva Road last year. Cunningham was an assistant track and cross-country coach at Annapolis High School.

A grand jury had charged the driver with four traffic violations. A judge found her guilty of three of them and imposed the maximum penalty: a $1,500 fine, as well as points on her license.

This angered some in the community. Prosecutors and bicycle organizations hope the Cunningham case will spark a debate about Maryland's laws on the rules of the road and the severity of charges that can be brought against reckless drivers.

"We're open to any changes in the law that give individuals the tools for justice," said House of Delegates Speaker Michael E. Busch, D-Annapolis. "If the state's attorneys have any suggestions, we're willing to listen to them."

At the center of the debate is a 2011 Maryland law. The measure aims to establish a middle ground between the longer prison sentences associated with drunken driving and excessive speeding and the fines for minor traffic violations, such as running a red light.

The law uses the term "negligence" to describe the actions of a driver who is careless or not paying attention. Minor negligence is a traffic violation punishable by only a fine. Criminal negligence — legally, a "gross deviation" from careful driving — can carry a sentence of up to three years in prison.

Anne Arundel County Deputy State's Attorney William Roessler said that while the new law is a step in the right direction, juries and judges struggle to determine what should be considered criminal negligence.

Roessler, the prosecutor in the Cunningham case, said the law's wording is too similar to the laws on drunken driving for it to be effective. "It's so close that grand juries and judges are going to hold it to a very similar standard," he said.

"There may very well be a small category of cases, but it's not going to work very much. I haven't seen it yet."

Grand juries decide on how defendants are charged, so the way a law works depends on the way a grand jury interprets it, Roessler said.

In this case, the grand jury decided that defendant Whitney Decesaris' actions didn't amount to criminal negligence. She was charged with traffic violations instead, leading to fines instead of potential jail time.

"The loss from a human standpoint compared to $1,500 … it just seems grossly out of proportion," said Jon Korin of BikeAAA, an area bicycle advocacy group.

Roessler said prosecutors asked lawmakers to amend the law's wording to better reflect what they wanted it to accomplish. He said delegates were confident the law would work as intended.

Some delegates, however, said the problem is harder to fix than it seems.

"When something bad happens, people want to propose a law, but (Decesaris) didn't obey the current law," said Del. Herb McMillan, R-Annapolis.

McMillan said changing the law won't force people to follow the rules of the road that keep cyclists safe — namely, allowing 3 feet when passing at appropriate speeds.

"I don't really know what to think, aside from this was a tragic accident," he said. "I'm not sure a law new could have fixed it."

Busch said this is the first he has heard of attorneys having problems with the law, and lawmakers will consider working with prosecutors to make it more effective.

Meanwhile, bicycle advocates said harsher penalties for careless drivers are the key to reducing injuries and deaths.

"Enforcement is important," Korin said. "You can do education, but enforcement is a very, very critical element of changing behavior."

He expects the state level of BikeAAA to discuss legislative changes it may take to the legislature.

"It's a conversation that needs to be had so that proper charges can be applied."

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