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Wednesday, June 29 2016 @ 12:01 AM UTC
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Biking in the Metro AreaAccording to an Oct. 14th Gazette article, "State Sen. James C. Rosapepe (D-Dist. 21) of College Park and state Del. William Bronrott (D-Dist. 16) of Bethesda say they hope a proposed bill will make walking and biking to school safer for children across the state. Under the proposed legislation, school construction funds could possibly be used for adding or widening sidewalks, adding traffic lights, countdown walk signals, crosswalks and increasing the time of walk signals at intersections.

"The bill was announced Oct. 6, a day before Walk to School Day, a Prince George's County effort to encourage students to walk to school and to identify areas along their routes that need improvement. According to the State Highway Administration, there were 110 deaths involving pedestrians statewide in 2007, 28 of which occurred in Prince George's. The SHA did not have specific information on the ages of those killed. Rosapepe said Route 1 creates a dangerous walking atmosphere for College Park pedestrians..."
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Biking ElsewhereAccording to a Sept. 23rd Independent article, "After a close friend was killed by a motorist, Fair Haven Alderwoman Erin Sturgis-Pascale vowed to change street culture so these 'accidents' wouldn't happen again. Monday, in the culmination of what has become a surging, citywide safe streets movement, she found widespread support for her quest. A Complete Streets proposal, introduced by Sturgis-Pascale and East Rock Alderman Roland Lemar, met unanimous approval from the aldermanic Legislation Committee at City Hall Monday night.

"The proposal would create a Complete Streets Steering Committee to guide the development of a policy to ensure equal, safe access for all motorists, cyclists and pedestrians; a design manual to implement it; a process to include community members in the planning; an educational campaign; and traffic enforcement. Pascale said she'd like to see the city's streets evaluated not by the number of lanes or traffic lights, but by other measures. [***->] "Are our streets being used for people to socialize? Are our children playing in the streets safely? Are they able to ride their bicycles? Are we welcoming people with disabilities? Are we protecting our seniors on our streets?..." [<-***]
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Lance Armstrong Nike Commercial

Biking ElsewhereAccording to this commercial features a Lance lookalike but none the less it captures something wonderful about bicycling.
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Health & EnvironmentAccording to the Oct. 8th Physical Activity and Public Health On-Line Network newsletter, "Adults gain substantial health benefits from two and a half hours a week of moderate aerobic physical activity, and children benefit from an hour or more of physical activity a day, according to the new Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans. The comprehensive set of recommendations for people of all ages and physical conditions was released today by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

"The guidelines are designed so people can easily fit physical activity into their daily plan and incorporate activities they enjoy. Physical activity benefits children and adolescents, young and middle-aged adults, older adults, and those in every studied racial and ethnic group, the report said."

[Note: A small sampling of Maryland Schools reveals a policy of less then a half hour of aerobic physical activity per *week* is provided for school age children.]
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Biking ElsewhereOn September 30th the SLO City Council came to terms with a $4.8 million shortfall in the wake of decreased city revenues and the result of a binding arbitration ruling for police officers. At the council meeting, Bicycle Coalition Executive Director Adam *censored*ushima reminded the Council that 'in these tough economic times, now is not the time to take away transportation options that promote tourism, decrease dependence on oil, and improve health.' The City Council made cuts in almost every department but left all bike projects -- including the Railroad Bicycle Trail--untouched. In 2007 the City rated bicycle improvements among its 'high priority' budget goals in response to Bicycle Coalition input at a community forum. We are glad the council remained true to those goals..."
[It's sad the same can't be said for Maryland.]
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Go carfree

Biking Elsewhere[The following quote caught my eye:]
In many parts of India and China, a growing middle class has an appetite for cars. Some people in these places and others (like America) have the idea that driving a car is glamorous or “respectable”—that it makes one special and shows that one is dignified and classy. They got that false image from American television and movies.

By joining in the World Carfree Day Movement, Americans can explicitly reject the notion that cars are anything but an especially toxic form of cancer. The good news is that it is a curable form of cancer, as many cities and towns throughout the world are now starting to demonstrate.
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NBC 4 coverage of Joe Krebs bicycle vacation

Biking ElsewhereJoe Krebs Enjoys Green Vacation
Joe Krebs, who anchors the morning show, has discovered a way to getaway, relax and go green.
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Facts & Stats

Biking ElsewhereHere's a sampling of some of the stats we've recently posted on our [Bikes Belong] website:

* Participation: Less than 1% of all U.S. trips are made by bicycle, yet nearly 40% of all trips are two miles or less.
* Economic: The average annual operating cost of a bicycle is around $200, 1/70th that of an average car.
* Health: Men who cycle to work are significantly less likely to be overweight and obese (39.8%) than those who drive to work (60.8%).
* Facilities: From 1992-2005 Portland, Oregon, increased its bikeway network by 215%, and during that period bicycle commuting doubled.
* Environmental: Bicycling instead of driving 5 miles a day reduces individual CO2 emissions by 1,287 pounds annually, about 6% of the average American's total emissions.
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Talk by "Earthship" architect Michael Reynolds November 6

Health & EnvironmentOn Thursday, November 6, the Neighborhood Design Center, in conjunction with the American Visionary Art Museum, is proud to present eco-architect Michael Reynolds, who will talk about his work over the past forty years to build self-sufficient, off-the-grid houses and communities. The talk kicks-off NDC's 40th Anniversary celebration, which includes a Gala party after - featuring a silent auction and music by Groove Mammals.

Michael Reynolds has been challenging the status quo with his experimental approach to building ever since he graduated from Architecture School in 1968. One of his earliest efforts - a house made from beer can bricks - so upset the national bricklayers' union that it forced him to halt construction. Undaunted, Mr. Reynolds went on to develop the concept of the "Earthship": an off the-grid solar-powered home built from used car tires, which recycles rainwater and sewage and costs next to nothing to run.

Mr. Reynolds will discuss the principles behind &quot;Earthship Biotecture&quot;, the opportunities and challenges he has faced over the years to create his structures, and the relevance that his approach has for helping poor and underserved communities in the United States and abroad. To learn more about Michael Reynolds and his &quot;Earthships&quot; visit <a href=""></a>;.

When: November 6, 5:30pm - 7pm

Where: James Rouse Visionary Center at the American Vsionary Art Museum, 800 Key Highway, Baltimore, MD 21230.

Tickets: $15 Talk only; $40 Gala Party (7pm-10pm); and $50 for both (a savings of $5). You can purchase tickets at <a href=""></a>; or visit <a href=""></a>; for more information about the Gala.
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Urban Bike trip for Families.

Biking in BaltimoreSaturday 18th at 9AM BIKE

Meet at Hall Springs Area (This is at the corner of Argonne Drive and Harford Road). We will go on the great Family Ride to the WAVERLY MARKET. Round trip it will be 4.4 miles. We will have two cars lead and follow the wild pack of bikes (and carry any kids that just are not ready). This is a great first Urban Bike trip for Families.

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