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Tuesday, June 28 2016 @ 07:44 AM UTC
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The Distinguished Wheelmen's Pub Crawl

Looking for local rides(ers)image
Come One, Come All by bike on May 14th. We'll be biking from pub to pub, consuming alcohol in between a moderately paced (ok, crawl) bike ride. We'll also be celebrating birthdays and recent graduations. The route will soon be posted! If you can't meet us at the starting point, then meet us at one of the bars
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BRTB meeting highlights

Biking in the Metro AreaStreet Smart Campaign coming to Balto Metro area, planned to hit the streets in August. Modeled after what is happening in the DC Metro Area: <a href=""></a>;

Eastern Baltimore County Bicycle and Pedestrian Access Plan is being phased into upcoming construction projects. Initially this will create sort of a hopscotch of bike facilities but over time they should start to connect. This approach worked well in Philly so there is no reason why it should not work here as well. This approach makes the most economic sense and should be applauded for its practicality and do ability.

Western Baltimore County Bicycle and Pedestrian Access Plan has been given the OK to start to proceed.
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5/14: Federal $, MD Streets, Your Commute

Biking in MarylandCoalition for Smartergrowth Logo spacer spacer spacer spacer spacer spacer spacer spacer spacer spacer spacer
What's on your community's transportation wish list? Join us on May 14th and share your priorities for the federal transportation money.

How should Maryland spend billions on transportation? What will it mean for you, your family, and your commute?

Maryland Forum: Transportation for Our Communities, Equity, and the Environment

Thursday, May 14, 2009
6:30pm refreshments, 7:00pm program
College Park City Hall, 4500 Knox Rd, College Park

(Walking/biking distance of the College Park Metro Station)

Congress is about to draft the 6-Year Transportation Reauthorization bill that could bring billions to Maryland in national transportation funding and set priorities that will affect our region.


If we choose to fund the right priorities, this money could be used to invest in Metrorail, the Purple Line, buses, and bicycle/pedestrian needs. We could link affordable housing to jobs to address the regional economic divide, all while ensuring that we reduce energy consumption, stormwater pollution, and greenhouse gases by adopting smarter growth and transportation alternatives.


Maryland’s Congressional delegation will play an important role and they will want to hear from you. Come learn how we can all influence this important piece of legislation!


Sponsors: Coalition for Smarter Growth, T4 America Campaign, 1000 Friends of Maryland, Washington Area Bicyclist Association, Sierra Club – Maryland Chapter, One Less Car, Action Committee for Transit, PRISCM, Prince George’s Advocates for Community Based Transit, Audubon Naturalist Society


About the Program

We hope you can join us!


6:30 PM Light Refreshments
7:00 PM Program begins, including presentations by:

  • Cheryl Cort, Policy Director, Coalition for Smarter Growth
  • James Corless, Campaign Director, Transportation for America
  • Eric Olson, Prince George's County Council
  • Duchy Trachtenberg, Montgomery County Council

7:45 PM Audience Question and Answer Session -- Identify your transportation priorities
8:30 PM Wrap-up and Conclusion

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Maryland Climate Action Plan

Biking in MarylandTherefore, increase the bicycle- and walking-mode share of all trips in Maryland urbanized areas to 15% by 2020 by putting the following policies in place:
• Build on and implement infrastructure planning and designing tools that support and promote bicycle and pedestrian activity. Improve accommodations for bicycles on public transit.
• Adopt financial requirements or provide incentives that promote bicycle and pedestrian activities.
• Investing much more in this area.
• Improve data collection for nonmotorized travel.
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CNN: Show us how you bike to work

Biking in Maryland

Do you ride your bike to work? May is National Bike Month and The League of American Bicyclists is promoting Bike-to-Work Week from May 11-15.


Bike commuters, show us your bicycle and give us a glimpse into the fashion and culture implications of cycling. Talk to us about your route and highlight any interesting stops or sights along the way.


If you don't ride your bike to work, we challenge you to pull out your wheels and give them a spin. Take lots of pictures and share your Bike-to-Work Week experience.

Bike-to-Work Day is Friday, May, 15, ending an entire week devoted to bike riding. Do you ride to work? Share your story.
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Mini Cycle Across Maryland Event - Chesapeake Bay Air Ride & Roll

Bike Maryland updatesOne Less > Car


One Less Car & the American Lung Association present
the Chesapeake Bay Air Ride & Roll
*A Mini Cycle Across Maryland (CAM) Event!*

June 5th - 7th, 2009
Salisbury University, Salisbury, MD

Enjoy a weekend ride through sun-kissed fields, historic towns and sandy beaches
and make a difference in the life of someone with lung disease.
When you can't breathe, nothing else matters!

For a $10 discount please make sure to join the
One Less Car Team and use the discount code: OLC

once in the OLC team page click "JOIN OUR TEAM" in the top left corner of the page to begin the registration process

This fundraiser supports the missions of OLC & the ALA!

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Got A Bike? Engrave It - Lock It Or Lose It

Biking in the Metro AreaBaltimore County Crime Prevention Tips for Homeowners during the Warm Weather Months:

Bike riding and warm weather are a natural combination. But if your bike is stolen, hiking will be more your speed over the next few months.

The Baltimore County Police Department suggests all bike owners engrave their bikes. It's very simple to do and if needed, owners can go to the local precinct and borrow an engraving tool. Officers say using the ID numbers from a driver's license or Maryland ID card is the best way to mark your bike. Never, Never use a social security number as an ID number.

Another suggestion from officers is when storing a bike in a shed or garage, lock and attach it to a lawnmower or other heavy and bulky equipment. Thieves do break into sheds and garages. Attaching a bike to a piece of heavy equipment makes it more difficult to just walk or ride away from the area.

For more information on how to safeguard your bike and other valuables in your home, garage or shed contact your precinct's Community Outreach Officer.
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Riders of Silence...a reminder

Biking in Baltimore[Note I strongly support this ride but I do not have the time necessary to lead it. Please if someone can pick up the ball and run with it.]

We need your participation. Our web site and web master are waiting for you to register your ride so that others, including the media, can see the impact this ride is making.

Your ride does NOT have to have thousands of participants. Don’t put that pressure on yourself. It doesn’t even have to have hundreds, or tens. Three, four, or five riders together, memorializing past cyclists and hoping for future change, is all we’d like to see.

Sure, the more the better. But you and your friends riding in your town on May 20, at 7 PM, for a short, slow, and silent 8 mile ride constitutes a location we want to see listed on the web site.

WE NEED MORE LOCATIONS. And new ones, especially. Please come out and show your solidarity, your passion against cyclists getting killed.

The ride is world wide, on the same day, at the same time. The best part, it’s free. There is no other event that covers the earth like The Ride Of Silence (though Nike is trying to steal the idea).

Please. If you’re for active people, you want to show your colors this day.

Thank you.

Let the silence roar.

Chris Phelan, Founder
The Ride Of Silence
One day. One time. World wide.
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WOW! Some people take road safety a little more seriously then others

Biking ElsewhereKOLKATA, May 4: Two brothers were killed in a road accident on AK Mukherjee Road at Napara off Baranagar in North 24-Parganas this morning. Locals damaged the vehicle and beat up the driver. They later put up a roadblock in protest against the accident, alleging that the negligence of traffic police had led to the incident.

The police said the accident took place around 6.30 a.m. today. Victims were identified as Sourav Patra (9) and his brother Sanjib (7), students of class III and I respectively, at Adrasha Primary School in Baranagar. They were going to their school on a bicycle paddled by their mother Mrs Bimal Patra, a resident of Metro Colony, when the accident took place. A speeding truck lost control in a bid to overtake another vehicle and hit the bicycle from behind. The victims fell on the ground and were immediately run over by the truck. Locals rushed the victims to Baranagar State General Hospital, where the mother is in a critical condition. The two boys were both declared brought dead.

Local people pelted stones at the truck, smashing its windscreen. They dragged the driver out of the vehicle and severely beat him up. A large contingent of policemen rushed to the spot and resorted to a lathi charge to quell the mob. They rescued the driver, arrested him, and seized the vehicle. They put up a roadblock on AK Mukherjee Road, which continued for half-an-hour.

Local people alleged that a number of accidents had occurred in this same area, due to a bad road, reckless driving and the absence of policemen. Four severe road accidents have taken place in the past two months in the area. Local people alleged that despite complaints, no steps have yet been taken by the police to deploy a traffic constable and the PWD is reluctant to repair the potholes. Several memorandums submitted by the local people attempting to draw the attention of the municipality have failed to evoke any response.&quot;
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Enough of this "As Far to the Right as Practicable " Crap!

Biking Elsewhere[Baltimore Spokes: Please note that Maryland law allows cyclists to &quot;take the lane&quot; when the width of the lane cannot be safely shared by a car and cyclist side by side. AASHTO defines that as as least 14' and most of our road lanes are 12' or less.]

From here on out on certain roadways I am taking the lane. No more of this &quot;as far to the right as practicable&quot; crap! I am sick and tired of being passed too close. The law/ordinance says cyclists have to ride as far to the right as practicable. What this translates to is as long as there is no road hazards, debris, broken pavement, etc. on the right hand side of the roadway cyclists are to be close to the curb. The problem is as far to the right as practicable opens the door for motorists who are in too big of a damn hurry to wait to pass safely to pass too close almost hitting a cyclist. It has happened to me way to many times now on certain roadways and I am sick of it. I am going to take the lane from here on out. What I mean by take the lane is ride in the right hand tire track of the travel lane. This will mean I am about 3' to 4' off of the curb instead of 1' to 2'.

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