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Monday, October 20 2014 @ 09:40 AM UTC
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Biking ElsewhereIdaho has had this law on the books for 27 years with no increase in bicycle-related accidents.
“A person operating a bicycle approaching a stop sign shall slow down and, if required for safety, stop before entering the intersection. After slowing to a reasonable speed or stopping, the person shall yield the right-of-way to any vehicle in the intersection or approaching another highway close enough to constitute an immediate hazard. After slowing to a reasonable speed and yielding the right-of-way, a person operating a bicycle may proceed through he intersection without stopping.”

I suspect this idea might give some motorists and police officers--at least those who don’t ride their bicycles--heartburn or worse. Before giving in to a knee-jerk reaction, consider this.
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Massachusetts Governor Signs Bicyclist Safety Bill

Biking ElsewhereAmong the many changes the new law makes, it adds police training on bicycle law and dangerous behavior by bicyclists and motorists; explains how a motorist should safely pass a bicycle; explains how a motorist should safely make a turn in front of a bicycle; makes "dooring" (opening a car door into the path of a bicycle or other vehicle) subject to ticket and fine; permits bicyclists to ride two abreast when it does not impede cars from passing; and adds legal protections for bicyclists who choose to ride to the right of other traffic.
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Today in DC - Biking for Obama

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DIY turn signal biking jacket

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Poll: Most Americans Want Stimulus to Emphasize Road and Bridge Repair and Transit, Not New Road Construction, Poll Finds

Biking ElsewhereWASHINGTON – As Congress takes up debate over an economic stimulus package, a new poll shows that most Americans would rather use federal dollars to repair highways and bridges and improve public transportation than expand highways through new construction.

In addition, fully 80 percent of respondents said stimulus investments should not only create jobs, but also help the goals of reducing oil dependency, improving the environment and increasing transportation options, even if the job creation took longer. Only 20 percent agreed that stimulus funds should include only “road and bridge projects that can be started right away and create an immediate boost to the economy”.
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Inauguration Ride

Looking for local rides(ers)Riding to DC for the inauguration
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A visit to Baltimore’s Velocipede Bike Project (Slideshow) by Bike Portland

Velocipede Bike Project Sometimes you don't realize how cool something is till you see it through someone else's eyes.
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Public Comment Being Accepted on Montgomery Council Bill 35-08 Relating to Public Safety

Biking in Maryland[Now if we could just get other jurisdictions to take traffic enforcement seriously and fund safety programs.]

Montgomery Council, on November 18, 2008, introduced Bill 35-08: Miscellaneous Provisions – Funding for Public Safety Programs. The Bill is sponsored by Councilmembers Andrews, Knapp, Ervin, Trachtenberg, and Floreen. This legislation proposes to use revenues generated from police enforcement with speed cameras and traffic signal cameras to fund Fire and Rescue Apparatus, pedestrian safety programs, and traffic safety programs. The Bill also allocates a portion of the revenues to municipalities that have a traffic control signal monitoring or speed monitoring devices but do not have a police department (Town of Poolesville).
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The unfortunate byproduct of our travel system

Biking Elsewhere
Cause of Mortality for Ages 0-19Rate per 100,000 population
MVT Traffic-related (All) 9.1
MVT-Occupant 4.6
MVT-Unspecified 3.1
MVT-Pedal Cyclist 0.2
MVT-Pedestrian 0.9
MVT-Other 0.3

Leading Causes of Unintentional Injury Death among Children 0 to 19
Rank Less Than 1 (n = 5,883) 1 to 4 (n = 10,203) 5 to 9 (n = 7,144) 10 to 14 (n = 9,088) 15 to 19 (n = 40,734)
1 Suffocation 66% MVT-related 31% MVT-related 53% MVT-related 58% MVT-related 76%
2 MVT-related 14% Drowning 27% Other Injuries 15% Other Injuries 18% Other Injuries 9%

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