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Saturday, October 25 2014 @ 05:33 AM UTC
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@ Red Emma's

Bike PathsFirst up is EDWARD ORSER's *The Gwynns Falls: Baltimore Greenway to
the Chesapeake Bay,* which takes the Falls as the occasion for a trip
through Baltimore's ecological and social histories (we'll be
welcoming Ed to Red Emma's on February 10 for an event based around on
the book!).
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Saris Cycling Group Recalls Stationary Bicycle Trainers Due to Fall Hazard

Biking ElsewhereDescription: The recalled trainers are a stationary frame that allows bicycles to be converted into stationary bicycles. The recalled models include: CycleOps Pro Series Trainer models 9014 (SuperMagneto Pro), 9331 (JetFluid Pro), 9460 (PowerBeam Pro), 9321 (JetFluid Pro Winter Training Kit), and 9322 (SuperMagneto Pro Winter Training Kit) without the secondary locking pin. The model number and style names are printed on the left side of the main frame of the trainer.

Sold at: Independent bicycle retailers nationwide from October 2008 through November 2008 for between about $400 and $1200.
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Various Bills that you might be interested in

Bike LawsSENATE BILL 38 Synopsis:
Authorizing a county, municipality, or other public body that has the authority to enact laws and adopt local police regulations relating to traffic to decrease a maximum speed limit in a business district or a residential district to not less than 25 miles an hour without conducting an engineering and traffic investigation.

SENATE BILL 98 Synopsis:
Prohibiting a person from using a text messaging device to write, send, or read a text message while operating a motor vehicle.

SENATE BILL 103 Synopsis:
Prohibiting a driver of a school vehicle from using a handheld telephone under specified circumstances; prohibiting a holder of a learner\'s instructional permit or provisional driver\'s license who is 18 years of age or older from driving a motor vehicle while using a handheld telephone; prohibiting a driver of a motor vehicle that is in motion from using the driver\'s hands to use a handheld telephone except under specified circumstances; establishing penalties; etc.

SENATE BILL 143 Synopsis:
Prohibiting a driver of a specified school vehicle from using wireless communication devices; prohibiting a holder of a learner\'s instructional permit or provisional driver\'s license who is 18 years of age or older from driving a motor vehicle while using wireless communication devices; prohibiting a driver of a motor vehicle that is in motion from using the driver\'s hands to use wireless communication devices; providing exceptions to the prohibitions; etc.

SENATE BILL 219 Synopsis:
Requiring a court to order the Motor Vehicle Administration to initiate an action to suspend the driving privilege of a child for specified periods of time on making a finding that the child has committed specified violations relating to alcoholic beverages, leaving the scene of an accident, or fleeing or eluding a police officer; providing that the Administration may not issue restricted licenses to individuals whose drivers\' licenses are suspended under specified circumstances; etc.

SENATE BILL 250 Synopsis:
Authorizing the driver of a motorcycle at an intersection where traffic is controlled by a traffic control signal to proceed through a red signal under specified circumstances if a visible vehicle sensor operating the traffic control signal does not detect the presence of the motorcycle.

SENATE BILL 262 Synopsis:
Requiring the Motor Vehicle Administration to suspend for a specified period the driver\'s license of a person who has been convicted of specified drunk and drugged driving offenses within a specified time period after a previous conviction for specified drunk and drugged driving offenses.

SENATE BILL 277 Synopsis:
Authorizing in all counties of the State and in specified highway work zones the use of speed monitoring systems to enforce specified highway speed laws under specified standards and procedures; restricting the use of specified revenues generated under the Act; etc.

HOUSE BILL 152 Synopsis:
Requiring a police officer to arrest with or without a warrant a person who the police officer has probable cause to believe has committed a specified offense of leaving the scene of an accident resulting in bodily injury or death.

HOUSE BILL 172 Synopsis:
Establishing that a person is guilty of the misdemeanor of recklessly contributing to an accident in a highway work zone if the person is driving a motor vehicle in a specified manner in a highway work zone and the driving contributes to an accident; establishing the number of points to be assessed for recklessly contributing to an accident in a highway work zone; etc.
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Anti fuel efficient vehicle bill alert

Health & EnvironmentState Law will change the roads motor scooters are allowed on from 50mph or less down to 30mph or less.

[Gee whiz, if any speed differential is such a hazard we seriously need to drop our residential, business district and school zone speed limits down to 4mph. Seriously, lets do something about drivers going 15+mph over the speed limit first before cracking down on the slower vehicles.]
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Baltimore rolls with bike-friendly momentum

Biking in BaltimoreFrom Bike Portland:
It’s not on the annual lists of biking hot spots, but during my recent visit to Baltimore I realized they might just become the next big bike city. They’re not quite Portland (yet), but they’re gaining fast.

Like many cities, Baltimore’s bike-friendliness begins at the top. Bikes are buoyed by the city’s Bicycle Master Plan (that was adopted in 2006) that is wholly supported by their mayor Sheila Dixon. Dixon was elected in 2007 and she’s an avid cyclist. Dixon leads weekly morning rides (which are open to anyone) and last year she put the city’s dollars behind biking with the hire of bike and pedestrian planner Nate Evans.

Baltimore has made some major improvements to their bike network recently, including the marking of 42 miles of bikeways, installation of 70 bike racks in front of businesses (with more requests pouring in every day), experimentation with sharrows and “floating” bike lanes, and the conversion of old parking meters into bike parking.

These efforts garnered Baltimore an honorable mention from the League of American Bicyclists’ Bicycle Friendly Communites program. The League was so impressed that they invited Baltimore to apply again this year (cities usually must wait three years between applications).
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The United States of Transit Cutbacks

Mass TransitJobs and Pocketbooks Threatened as Transit Agencies Face Cutting Jobs and Service, Raising Fares

With ridership at record highs, transit agencies across the country are facing unprecedented fiscal crises in this economic downturn, with many considering layoffs, service cuts and fare hikes that are hitting at the worst possible time, a compilation of nationwide data shows. This map below, compiled from nationwide media coverage of proposed cuts, highlights 38 communities across the U.S. that face job cuts, service reductions and fare hikes, but will receive no assistance under the current recovery proposals before Congress to prevent these painful cuts.

Emergency operating assistance in the recovery package will create and save jobs immediately with relatively limited investment. Every $1 billion invested in public transit operations generates 60,000 jobs.

“Our economy increasingly relies on public transit to function effectively, yet local systems are being forced to lay off workers and make cuts that will slow down economic growth and punish workers — including many low-income households who rely on transit to reach jobs,” said Geoff Anderson, co-chair of Transportation For America. “If we are serious about putting Americans back-to-work with this recovery plan, shouldn’t we also ensure that those who already have jobs don’t lose them?”
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Clif Bar recall

Biking ElsewhereTaken from
Product recall: Clif Bar is recalling 14 products sold in the U.S. and 4 in Canada because they contain peanut butter from the Peanut Corporation of America. PCA is being investigated as the source of a recent salmonella outbreak. Affected products include various Clif Bars, Clif Builder's Bars, Clif MOJO bars, Clif Kid Organic ZBaRs and Luna Bars. Specific info is on the company's website at
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Complete Ban On Cell Phone Use While Driving Sought

Biking ElsewhereIn marshaling support for its campaign, the NSC cited a myriad of studies but particularly one by the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis that found that driver use of cell phones contributes to 6% of vehicle crashes -- or 636,000 crashes -- leading to 12,000 serious injuries and 2,600 annual deaths.

States have been adding restrictions to driver cell phone use in a patchwork fashion, with a recent emphasis on outlawing texting while driving. Some states have enacted legislation controlling the use of cell phones but permitting the use of hands-free devices. Nearly 20 states have enacted legislation that restricts use of cell phones by novice drivers. Froetscher appeared to have no illusions that states would jump immediately to ban all moving vehicle use of cell phones, and she acknowledged that it may initially be difficult to enforce strict bans.
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A Tragedy in the Commons – Satire on the state of bicycle planing and funding

Biking in MarylandI have been struggling with how to get around the states double speak on bike/ped funding and I was inspired to write the following. Let me know your thoughts if this is effective or not.


In a time not too far past in a place much like this one, in fact exactly like this one. A problem was brought to the attention of the appointed Grand Puba of All Things Much More Important Then This (GPATMMITT) and that problem was there was a higher demand for food subsidies then funds available.

“Ah, that's an easy problem to solve.” said the GPATMMITT “We'll simply have the recipient of subsidies pay more and we'll pay less so the funds go further.” And the court was in awe of the GPATMMITT wisdom and so enacted the policy of the wise GPATMMITT.

But soon there was a murmur among the smallest of smallest group of those that received food subsidies. “Oh Grand Puba of All Things Much More Important Then This while your policy may work well for farmers and such but those who are having trouble feeding their families on limited incomes cannot afford to pay more for their food and more people are starving, both the young and the old because of this new policy. So the GPATMMITT agreed to study the matter.

After looking into the matter the GPATMMITT pronounced “We have done polls and surveys and found that most people prefer steak and caviare but those using these funds spend it on trivial things like milk, bread, eggs and cheese. This is not right, funds from this office is about improving the quality of life by empowering purchase of things that are expensive so from now on only steak and caviare will be funded.” “But your Pubaness this will have a devastating effect on 3 out 5 of our members.” cried the smallest of smallest group. “That does not matter.” said the GPATMMITT “For every 5 we helped before we can help 12 now whether they actually need the help or not.”
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HB 27 Transportation - Intercounty Connector - Elimination of Funding

Bike Maryland updates[One Less Car supported bill]

Requiring the Governor to include a specified appropriation to the Transportation Trust Fund under specified circumstances; prohibiting the Department of Transportation and the Maryland Transportation Authority from financing the Intercounty Connector; requiring the Authority to retire specified bonds secured by a pledge of future federal aid in a specified manner; repealing provisions of law concerning the financing of the Intercounty Connector; etc.

[Note by my understanding of the bill it does not eliminate all funding just the GARVEE bonds.]

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