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Friday, July 25 2014 @ 11:18 AM UTC
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Biller's Bikes Havre de Grace Reopens

Cyclist\'s Yellow PagesHavre de Grace's Biller's Bikes has opened its relocated downtown parts and repair shop--new showroom opens in Spring. The business is an active advocate for the East Coast Greenway.

Biller's Bikes, an East Coast Greenway trailhead bikeshop, MD, has re-opened for parts and repair in historic downtown Havre de Grace. Featuring the "Walnut Bar," a place to sit and talk trails and biking, the repair shop is phase one of the downtown relocation.

Phase two, the dramatic bicycle and accessories showroom (a renovated 1920s department store) will open April. Biller's Bikes offers bike rentals, new and used bikes, practical cycling accessories, and Baltimore to Philadephia bike travel resources. An East Coast Greenway kiosk will showcase trail activity.
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Biking ElsewhereThe study identifies several barriers that stand in the way of statewide and local efforts to reduce auto congestion around schools. These are grouped by category:

• Reducing auto congestion is not part of schools’ primary mission or plans as providers of basic education. K-12 schools have few incentives or requirements to reduce auto congestion.
• There is no existing framework to encourage or require congestion reduction around schools. Elementary and secondary schools have been exempted from the CTR Law and generally have not developed a culture or administrative system to reduce employee or student auto use.
• Schools are not sited with the intention of being accessible by foot, bicycle, or transit.

• The Safe Routes to Schools program offers benefits beyond safety and healthy physical activity for students. It is one of WSDOT’s tools to help residents reduce vehicle miles travelled (VMT) and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. However, it does not appear to be linked with or focused on other departmental transportation demand management (TDM) and commute trip reduction (CTR) strategies. Under its current formulation, its key indicators revolve around physical activity and safety, not measures of auto use and student drop offs.

High School
• Schools in our Programs of Interest did not employ disincentives to driving alone such as charging high school students to park or limiting drop-off and pick-up space in front of schools.
• While the post-secondary Programs of Interest charged for parking, they did not manage parking with the intention of reducing demand, unlike the model unlimited access pass programs referenced in Phase 1 of the study.
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Urban Discoveries Living Blog

Biking in Baltimore

[We got some press on another blog, check them out!]

You may have noticed, based on previous posts, that we like public transportation.  If we can make it without a car, we will.  So we were delighted to see that bikers way out in Portland, Oregon were calling Baltimore the “next big bike city.”  It gave us hope.  And then we started to look around and realized that, hey, maybe those crazy Portland types have a point.  In some ways, we’re set up well as the biking city of the future.

This new focus on biking in the city starts, surprisingly, at the top.  Mayor Sheila Dixon is a big proponent of cycling in the city (she even wears a helmet at press conferences!) and has implemented a Bicycle Master Plan and made bicycle use a major piece of the Baltimore Sustainability Plan. Nate Evans, Baltimore’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Planner, predicts that by 2010, two percent of city residents will bike to work.  And all of this is backed up by the recent creation of 42 miles of bikeways throughout the city and 70 new bike racks (made from converted parking meters!) in downtown.

We also have a slew of bike-loving activists, and some of them have blogs. If you’re itching for cycle-centric news, we recommend Baltimore Spokes and the North Baltimore Bike Brigade.

We’re happy to see this progress for pedal pushers in our city.  Do you have any favorite places to bike in the city?  Are there any bike routes that you’d like to see added in Baltimore?

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Stimulus in Maryland

Biking in Maryland...
Compared to all that, the Maryland share of the trillion dollar Obama stimulus plan for transportation will amount to pocket change - approximately half a billion. Vice President Biden was in the state yesterday touting $2.9 million (with an "m") to renovate the Brunswick MARC station as an example of the new stimulus spending. Maryland Transportation secretary John Porcari pointed out that the old platform at Brunswick was tripping up women in high heels. Does this mean that high heels are a key to economic recovery?
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And you think we have it bad

Biking Elsewhereimage
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3-foot rule research

Bike Maryland updatesHello Fellow Bike Advocates:

The hearing for both the Senate (SB428) and House bill (HB496) on the 3 foot rule is this Thursday at 1 pm. I've asked that the meetings be staggered. Your attendance is helpful. Amendments have just been submitted in regard to these bills - see below.

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Updated: Movie trailer: What happened to Critical Mass in Portland?

Bike Critical MassA trailer has just been completed for a forthcoming documentary that will explore that question: A Post Critical Mass Portland: Living in a Post-Revolutionary Bicycle Age. You can watch it here:
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I Dream of Denver

Biking ElsewhereBy David Brooks

Those dreams have been aroused over the past few months. The economic crisis has devastated the fast-growing developments on the far suburban fringe. Americans now taste the bitter fruit of their overconsumption.

The time has finally come, some writers are predicting, when Americans will finally repent. They’ll move back to the urban core. They will ride more bicycles, have smaller homes and tinier fridges and rediscover the joys of dense community — and maybe even superior beer.

America will, in short, finally begin to look a little more like Amsterdam.

Well, Amsterdam is a wonderful city, but Americans never seem to want to live there. And even now, in this moment of chastening pain, they don’t seem to want the Dutch option.

The Pew Research Center just finished a study about where Americans would like to live and what sort of lifestyle they would like to have. The first thing they found is that even in dark times, Americans are still looking over the next horizon. Nearly half of those surveyed said they would rather live in a different type of community from the one they are living in at present.
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Bill protects ‘vulnerable’ road users

Biking Elsewhere...
Under Ellis’ bill, co-authored by state Sen. John Carona, D-Dallas, drivers would have to get out of a traffic lane used by a vulnerable road user if another is available. Motorists should pass them at a "safe distance" of more than 3 feet if the motorist is in a car or light truck. Six feet would be considered safe for heavy trucks or commercial vehicles. Seven states, including Arizona, Florida and Oklahoma have similar laws on their books, according to Ellis’ office.

The bill also would require drivers making left turns at intersections to yield to bicyclists or other road users approaching in the opposite direction. Motorists also would be barred from intimidating or harassing bicyclists and pedestrians and would be prohibited from opening a vehicle door that interferes with their ride or walk.

"Everyone is affected by this bill," Wang said, "because everyone has been broken down by the side of the road before. … No one has the right to harass you or throw things at you."
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House Bill 1197 - needs your support and testimony

Bike Laws[From Jon Morrison]

Del Carr introduced House Bill 1197 last week.
I will be in Annapolis Thursday before and after the 3 foot passing hearing, seeking additional sponsors for HB 1197 - it would help immensely if you would reach out to your delegates and get the to support the bill, let them know I'll be stopping by (and let me know if they have a preferred time) and then let me know who I should see!

In the bill draft - [bracketed is proposed removal] BOLD is proposed addition to current law
11-104 - removes configuration restriction for 3 wheeled cycle
21-101 - permits bikes on shoulders
21-304 - allows bikes to pass on shoulders
21-501.1 - permits cyclists to use crosswalks
21-1205.1 - removes the mandatory use requirement for shoulders.

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