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Saturday, June 25 2016 @ 07:28 PM UTC
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Electric bicycles are leaving cars in the dust

Biking Elsewhere...
In China, electric bicycles are leaving cars in the dust. Last year, Chinese bought 21 million e-bikes, compared with 9.4 million autos. While China now has about 25 million cars on the road, it has four times as many e-bikes. Thanks to government encouragement and a population well versed in riding two wheels to work, the country has become the world's leading market for the cheap, green vehicles, helping to offset some of the harmful effects of the country's automobile boom. Indeed, as engineers around the world scramble to create eco-friendly, plug-in electric cars, China is already ahead of the game. Says Frank Jamerson, a former GM engineer turned electric-vehicle analyst: "What's happening in China is sort of a clue to what the future will be."
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Biking in Maryland

Greetings fellow cyclists!  I just wanted to invite you all to share with us the experience of Race Across America 2009.


I am the Crew Chief for Alls Wheels 4 Fibromyalgia, a 4 person mixed team based out of New Jersey, but with team members from Arizona to the UK and yours truly right here in DC.


You can check out our AW4F Web site, join our Facebook team, follow us on Twitter, or read all about it on my blog.  And you can come out to the dock in Annapolis and welcome us home!  Hope to see you there.


We leave Oceanside, California on June 20th and hope to reach Annapolis by June 27th.

Thank you for your support,


Yvette and everyone from All Wheels 4 Fibromyalgia

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Federal-Aid Highway Program Funding for Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities and Programs

Biking in MarylandOK so how does Maryland compare in spending... are you sitting down. Over the last 10 years Maryland spent $48M compare that to Pennsylvania who spent $40M JUST LAST YEAR (10 year total $166M.) For the last three years D.C. has spent more then Maryland per year.
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Street Films: Bicycle For A Day

Biking ElsewhereMatthew Modine founder of the advocacy group "Bicycle for a Day" held a fundraising party for this project last night at Solar One, the City’s first solar-powered “Green Energy, Arts, and Education Center.” Modine plan's to recycle New York City's junk bikes and distribute them around the world so more people will be able to participate in "Bicycle for a Day." This project will debut in Iraq and Afghanistan. Modine was also joined by a whole host of cycling enthusiasts and promoters from the Consulate General of the Netherlands to Grammy Award winning beatbox artist Rahzel.
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Can younger drivers be trained to identify hazards/risks in roadway traffic scenarios?

Biking ElsewhereYounger drivers (18-21 years) are over-involved in crashes. Research suggests that one of the reasons for this over-involvement is their failure to scan areas of the roadway for information about potential risks in situations that are hazardous, but not obviously so. The primary objective of the present study is to develop and evaluate a training program that addresses this failure. It was hypothesised that PC-based hazard anticipation training would increase the likelihood that younger drivers would scan for potential hazards on the open road. In order to test this hypothesis, 12 trained and 12 untrained drivers' eye movements were measured as they drove a vehicle on local residential, feeder and arterial roads. Overall, the trained drivers were significantly more likely to gaze at areas of the roadway that contained information relevant to the reduction of risks (64.4%) than were the untrained drivers (37.4%). Significant training effects were observed even in situations on the road that were quite different from those shown in training. These findings have clear implications for the type of training of teen drivers that is necessary in order to increase their anticipation of hazards.
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City Paper's Critic's Pick

Biking in Baltimore

Tour Dem Parks, Hon!

At the Carroll Park, Baltimore

Get event dates, venue information and more.

By Max Robinson | Posted 6/10/2009

There's no better opportunity to get those bike wheels turning than at Tour Dem Parks, Hon!, a biking event dedicated to raising money for Baltimore's park system. Riders chose from four different trails, ranging from the comfortable (a 12-mile tour through Gwynns Falls Valley) to the arduous (a 64-miler or "metric century", if you prefer the biking vernacular). No matter which trail you choose, this is a great way to see some of Baltimore's beauty and history. After completing their trek, all participants are rewarded with a snazzy and free 100 percent organic cotton T-shirt, barbecue, and live jazz in Carroll Park. The ride's limited to a mere 1,000 participants, so be sure to get there early for the 7 a.m. registration, or register online.

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Quantity time in car = quantity of you

Biking Elsewhere-> "Every additional 30 minutes spent in a car each day translates into a 3 percent greater chance of being obese. People who live in neighborhoods with a mix of shops and businesses within easy walking distance are 7 percent less likely to be obese."
-- Lawrence Frank, University of British Columbia
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Biking Elsewhere[Having just done a bike trip around the car centric university in Towson I thought this might be of interest to show the potential of bicycling.]

-> According to the June issue of ITS-Davis e-news, "The results of the third campus travel assessment are almost complete, and they show that a greater percentage of people biked and fewer drove alone to campus in 2008 than in 2007. While the changes were small -- 3% increase in biking and 5% decrease in driving alone -- they trend in the direction campus transportation planners would like to see..."

According to the accompanying graphic, in 2008 40.2% biked to campus, 24.3% drove alone, 19.9% took the bus, 7.5% carpooled, 5.6% walked, 1.4% telecommuted, 0.8% took the train, and 0.3% skated.

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Pittsburgh's Car-Free Friday kicks off with breakfast events

Biking ElsewhereBy Jon Schmitz, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Motorists are being urged to become bicyclists, transit riders or pedestrians for at least one day a week, starting Friday.

From 8 to 10 a.m., the Car-Free Friday project, an initiative of Bike Pittsburgh, will kick off with an event at Schenley Plaza in Oakland, featuring free breakfast. Also that morning, Downtown bicycle riders who show their helmets can partake of a free light breakfast at Fifth Avenue Place.

Those who attend either event will receive coupons for discounts at more than two dozen local businesses.

"Breaking away from the one-person one-car mode is in everybody's interest. We urge people not only to participate on [Friday], but to be car-free every Friday, and more often if possible," said Lynn Manion, executive director of the Airport Corridor Transportation Association, one of three transportation management associations supporting the event.

Port Authority, which is co-sponsoring the event with Whole Foods Market and the Mullen advertising agency, said nearly two-thirds of its buses now have bicycle racks.
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BWC: The Auto Club That Doesn't Want You To Drive

Mass TransitBetter World Offers a 10% Discount to New Members Who Use Public Transportation! (And a 5% Discount Each Year They Renew!)

As if offering the nation's only bicycle roadside assistance wasn't weird enough, Better World Club continues to challenge the very definition of "auto club" by offering a 10% discount to new members who use public transportation.

Mass transit is a much greener option to single-occupant automobiles, so we want to encourage it's use as much as possible.

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