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Wednesday, May 04 2016 @ 05:24 PM UTC
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Biking Elsewhere-> The GAO (U.S. Government Accountability Office) reviewed pedestrian and cyclist safety data and challenges in addressing pedestrian and cyclist fatalities and injuries as a growing percentage of all traffic fatalities and injuries. This report (Pedestrians and Cyclists: Cities, States, and DOT Are Implementing Actions to Improve Safety: examines: (1) trends in pedestrian and cyclist fatalities and injuries from 2004 through 2013 and characteristics of these fatalities and injuries; (2) safety initiatives selected states and cities have implemented and their views on challenges in addressing this issue; and (3) actions taken by DOT to help improve safety.

from CenterLines, the e-newsletter of the National Center for Bicycling & Walking.
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Bikemore Priorities Update Part III: Bike Share

Biking in Baltimore[B' Spokes: Interested in what happened to Baltimore's bike share program and what the future may hold for it? Then the following article is for you.]
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How to grade what's next to the street

Biking Elsewhere[B' Spokes: It is my belief that what is next to the road is just as important as the bike/ped facilities on the road (ROW.) A short proof is biking or walking by the "auto mile" lots of shiny cars all packed in brightly colored parking lots, one right after another. That's a miserable walking or biking experience. On the other side, a tree lined street without every scrap of space dedicated to storage of unused automobiles, that can be a rather nice walking/biking experience, even with out facilities for biking or walking. In short, when we get what's next to the road wrong the more we need facilities for biking/walking. So that's why I am sharing this article with you.]
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Bicycle-Pedestrian Survey Launched for Carroll County

Biking in the Metro AreaFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE From Carroll County Government

Bicycle-Pedestrian Survey Launched

Westminster, Monday, January 4, 2016 – The Bureau of Comprehensive Planning is developing a
county-wide bicycle-pedestrian master plan. The plan will focus on walking and biking as a form of
transportation, as well as recreational and tourism opportunities.

County input is requested. Effective today, the public interest survey is available on the Bureau of
Planning’s web site. The survey will be available through March, 2016. The survey will provide much
needed information for the bicycle-pedestrian master plan.

To participate in the survey and receive updates on the master plan, please subscribe to our mailing
list at
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Bicycling could provide a far greater proportion of helping reduce energy use and CO2 emissions worldwide

Biking in BaltimoreAbstract:
Cycling plays a major role in personal mobility around the world, but it could play a much bigger role. Given the convenience, health benefits, and affordability of bicycles, they could provide a far greater proportion of urban passenger transportation, helping reduce energy use and CO2 emissions worldwide. This report presents a new look at the future of cycling for urban transportation (rather than recreation), and the potential contribution it could make to mobility as well as sustainability. The results show that a world with a dramatic increase in cycling could save society US$24 trillion cumulatively between 2015 and 2050, and cut CO2 emissions from urban passenger transport by nearly 11 percent in 2050 compared to a High Shift scenario without a strong cycling emphasis.
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County Police to SHA on Henson Trail crossing: "I told you so"

Biking in MarylandVia The WashCycle

Captain Thomas Didone, who heads the county police department’s traffic division, is blunt about it.

“People trying to cross are universally ignored by drivers,” he said. “We have done many, many crosswalk stings at that location and every time we go we write as many tickets as we can handle.”

[B' Spokes: I'm posting this because I'm tiered of pedestrian "safety" messages that blame the victim and "cross only in the crosswalk". Crosswalks are totally useless and if you are the one that needs takes responsibility for your own safety then crossing mid-block has fewer conflicts and better visibility, so they call that illegal jaywalking but just one problem, jaywalking is not illegal, it's crossing between consecutive streets controlled by lights that's illegal. - But more to the point if people are dying or injured here slow the cars down! With big awful speed bumps and lots of them, Or maybe for each person seriously hurt trying to cross the road one speed bump will be placed. That way motorist will get the idea that they are the ones that are making driving conditions worse and maybe they just might do what they are supposed to when they come across other types of road users.]
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10 Tired Traffic Myths That Didn't Get a Rest in 2015

Biking ElsewhereBy ERIC JAFFE, City Lab

[Just the headings, read the article for more info.]

1. More roads mean less traffic
2. More transit means less traffic
3. Bike lanes make traffic worse
4. A wider road is a safer road
5. The next lane over is moving faster
6. Everyone else’s bad driving is the reason for traffic
7. You need to get lots of cars off the road to reduce traffic
8. Removing an urban highway would be a traffic nightmare
9. There’s no downside to cheap gas
10. Drivers pay the full cost of road maintenance
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California city loses lawsuit after death of bicyclist on road with substandard bike lanes and no lighting

Biking in BaltimoreBy Robbie Webber, SSTI

"While Fred Waring Drive, the road where the crash occurred, was expanded from two lanes to three in each direction in 2005, the city did not include a wide outside lane in the design. In addition, the road previously had bike lanes and was signed as a bike route before the redesign. It has extra wide outer lanes farther east, but narrows by five feet with no warning, forcing bicyclists into traffic where the speed limit is 50 mph."
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Arm Warmers and Caps are Back and supporting Bike Maryland!

Bike Maryland updatesVia Bike Maryland

Whoa, whoa, whoa, they’re back! Hill Killer just dropped off the latest shipment of Bike Maryland hi vis arm warmers and caps. They did not last long the first time, so do not delay!

Arm warmers and caps make great presents for the cyclist in your life…and at $27 (including shipping) they are probably under your Secret Santa limit.

Proceeds from our merchandise fund our work for the year. Don yourself some new apparel this December while feeling good that you are supporting better biking in our beloved Maryland.
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Biking Elsewhere-> Vision Zero is a multi-pronged approach to the complex problem of street safety. We know that speed is a common factor in traffic fatalities and severe injuries — especially for people biking or walking. And one of the key lessons learned from the early adopters of Vision Zero in Europe is that speed reduction must be a top priority if we are serious about the goal of eliminating traffic fatalities and severe injuries. Vision Zero proponents are exploring Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) as a means to increase capacity to control deadly speeding. A new report (Automated Speed Enforcement Implementation: Survey Findings and Lessons Learned From Around the Country: includes a wealth of real-world examples of success with safety cameras that help manage speed: "ASE has been found to be an effective tool that over 130 communities throughout the country have implemented to improve safety for all road users." For instance, Washington D.C. had a reduction in drivers speeding more than 10 mph over the speed limit from 1 in 3 to 1 in 40 — and reported a 70% reduction in fatalities.

from CenterLines, the e-newsletter of the National Center for Bicycling & Walking.

[B' Spokes: IMHO You would not know that speed cameras are effective tool around here with all the bad press they have been given.]
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