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Thursday, May 26 2016 @ 04:40 AM UTC
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AAA study finds 'widespread indifference' to unsafe driving habits

Biking ElsewhereBy Rose-Ann Aragon, Pat LaFleur, WCPO

Ninety percent of American drivers admit to risky driving practices, such as drowsy or drugged driving, running red lights, or texting while driving, according to new data released by AAA Thursday.

Ninety. Percent.

And it’s not just that they admit it, AAA said. It’s also that they don’t really care.
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NASCAR drivers pedal from St. Augustine for bike safety

Biking ElsewhereBy Allison Shirk, News Journal Online

Among the nearly 40 riders were NASCAR drivers Jimmie Johnson and Trevor Bayne, and IndyCar drivers Tony Kanaan and Dario Franchitti. The pack of cyclists took about four hours to pedal from St. Augustine, down State Road A1A and to the Speedway.

Johnson said he's outside as much as possible and rides his bike three or four times a week.

"I think the message is just awareness," Johnson said after the ride. "People on these bikes are moms, dads, children, and sometimes motorists let their frustrations get the best of them and don't realize they're putting somebody in harm's way."
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Traffic engineers still rely on a flawed 1970s study to reject crosswalks

Biking Elsewhereby Angie Schmitt, Greater Greater Washington

"the phrase "false sense of security" is actually a cornerstone of American engineering guidance on pedestrian safety."
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Father of Police Officer Who Was Killed Calls for Tougher Drunken Driving Laws

Bike LawsBY ANDREW METCALF, Bethesda Magazine

"Leotta, who was flanked by Montgomery County State’s Attorney John McCarthy and county police Chief Tom Manger, also criticized what he described as weak penalties for drunken drivers in Maryland."

"Leotta also called out state Del. Joseph Vallario (D-Prince George's County), the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, who Leotta said has blocked “common sense legislation” to toughen drunken driving laws. "

"Leotta, Manger and local state legislators are pursuing “Noah’s Law” to require repeat offenders to have an ignition interlock system in their vehicles. The system would require drivers to blow into a breathalyzer in order to start their vehicles. Leotta said Vallario’s occupation as a defense attorney, in which he defends individuals charged with drunken driving offenses, is a conflict of interest."

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The 6 biggest roadblocks to building complete streets in our communities

Biking ElsewhereBY CHRIS & MELISSA BRUNTLETT, VancityBuzz

[B' Spokes: Just the headlines.]

1. An unintended, but counterproductive focus on the commute to work
2. The belief that streets should act as thoroughfares, and not destinations
3. The perception gap around how customers actually arrive at a business [B' Spokes: You have to see the graphic.]
4. The conviction that bikes belong on side streets, and not on main streets
5. A tendency to frame the discussion around those people who already cycle
6. A failure to recognize the (rather lucrative) potential for tourism spending
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News you will not see in Maryland-> Santa Rosa has one of the highest rates of bike theft in the Bay Area. In early 2015, the Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition teamed up with NorCal Bike Sport/Bike Peddler and the Santa Rosa Police department to deploy a fleet of GPS-equipped Bait Bikes that allow the cops to track the stolen bikes and catch the thieves. In 2015, dozens of bike thieves were caught, arrested and sent to jail.

from CenterLines, the e-newsletter of the National Center for Bicycling & Walking.
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News you will not see in Maryland-> Two Rhode Island state lawmakers have re-introduced a bill (2016-S 2005, 2016-H 7008: to make it safer for pedestrians this winter by requiring the Department of Transportation to clear snow from state-controlled highway overpasses and overhead walkways with significant pedestrian traffic. Most municipalities require property owners to clear the sidewalks in front of their land. When pedestrians get to an overpass, which isn't in front of anyone's property, they have to walk out in the street or climb over a snow bank. The bill would give the DOT 24 hours after the end of a snowstorm to clear the overpasses and walkways.

from CenterLines, the e-newsletter of the National Center for Bicycling & Walking.

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'Decoy' rider puts spotlight on bike safety law

News you will not see in Maryland[B' Spokes: Even though Maryland's percentage of traffic fatalities that are pike/ped have been in the nations top ten worst for decades (mostly pedestrian.) And it seems the best we can coax out of the Maryland Highway Safety Office is a series of victim blaming "safety" ads that never ever mentions that it is the duty for cars to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks but seems more to convey the message to be "safe" drive a car and that way you can be part of the "acceptable" 1.5 traffic deaths per day. - We need enforcement, we need this: ]
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Motorists want to be considered part of traffic...

Biking ElsewhereVia Facebook Bicyclists Belong in the Traffic Lane

"Motorists want to be considered part of traffic, but don't want to obey speed limits, the destination positioning rule for right turns, other drivers' rights of way, or prohibitions on unsafe passing, tailgating, lane-splitting, distracted/impaired driving, or non-emergency use of their horns. Then they condemn cyclists as a group because some of them violate laws in far less consequential ways. That's a double hypocrisy."

-Eli Damon
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3 Ways NYC Can Avoid Future Snow Removal Travesties for Peds and Cyclists

Biking Elsewhereby Ben Fried, Streets Blog

[B' Spokes: Just the major headlines]

Make someone responsible for clearing paths at street corners.
Integrate bike lanes, especially protected bike lanes, into the city’s snow clearance street hierarchy.
Buy some snowblowers.

[B' Spokes: Have you ever wrapped a present and noticed all the extra paper on the corners? The same goes for intersections where twice the amount of snow goes on the corners as street snow is "folded" onto the sidewalks. This should be a major item to address in a city.]

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