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Thursday, April 24 2014 @ 10:29 PM UTC
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Police seeking this woman in connection with a hit-and-run

Biking in the Metro Areaimage

Hit And Run Suspect: County police are seeking this woman in connection with a hit-and-run incident Friday morning in Pasadena. - Photo by Courtesy Image
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Only cyclists run red lights... right. [video]

Biking Elsewhere
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Joseph Rose: Trying to make sense of Oregon's hit-and-run epidemic

News you will not see in MarylandBy Joseph Rose, Oregonian

"It really is a very selfish crime," Portland Police traffic Sgt. Todd Davis told me as he sifted through this week's two-inch stack of reported hit-and-runs.

Selfish. Immoral. Rampant.

In Portland alone, police take reports on more than 5,200 hit-and-run crashes, from fender benders to serious injuries and fatalities, each year. That's 100 a week; that's mind-boggling.

Without the resources to investigate them all, the police have to perform triage. Still, in a typical year, only about half of Oregon cases where a driver leaves the scene without rendering aid to an injured or dying person end in an arrest, court records show.

So, maybe it's time state lawmakers diverted some of their tough-on-traffic-crime efforts away from distracted driving to slow what is becoming a social epidemic.
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A loud bell-ding of approval for Australia’s first cyclists party

Biking ElsewhereAustralia’s first political party dedicated to cyclists is up and riding. I welcome this move: it’s high time we had a party defending us

By Gary Nunn, The Guardian

The “terrorists in lycra” have organised and now, they want your vote.

Australia’s first political party dedicated to cyclists and their interests has launched a membership drive. May I be the first to whip off my biking gloves to applaud. Its launch website asks: “Why has cycling been demonised, politicised and criticised so often in the media and by government officials?”
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The road that killed 18 miles of a master planed bikeway

Biking in MarylandWhere’s the traffic? Critics point to the Intercounty Connector’s often empty travel lanes, like these at the Route 29 interchange in Silver Spring, as proof that the road was unnecessary.

[B' Spokes: For this we sacrificed a bikeway???]
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Nate says good bye

Biking in BaltimoreNate is leaving his job as bicycle & pedestrian planner for Baltimore City and will be working for a local engineering firm where he will be the on-site consultant for Maryland State Highway Administration’s (SHA) Bicycle Retrofit program.

Read about this and his accomplishments here:
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Skatepark of Baltimore

Biking in Baltimoreimage
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Vehicular manslaughter charge worth more than money

Bike LawsVia Miller and Zois

2012: $1,000,000 Settlement. A mother is pushing her 14 month-old son in a stroller on the sidewalk and is struck and killed by truck that overshot its U-turn. The child is uninjured. Some witnesses say when the truck was coming at her she pushed her child to safety before her life was taken.

(It is worth nothing the family was more interested in whether a vehicular manslaughter criminal case would be brought than the money.)

[B' Spokes: Cyclists are not the only ones interested in seeing vehicular manslaughter charges brought against outrageous driving behavior. It is often claimed that an injured cyclist has redress in civil court but my contention is that having an insurance company pay the damages is not justice nor is it much to curtail outrageous driving. Seriously, if you were reading the paper and saw that a insurance company paid a settlement you would maybe double check your coverage. Compare that to reading about someone doing jail time or lost their licence to drive, you would most likely drive more carefully.]
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The value of high visibility clothing on fast roads [video]

Biking Elsewhere
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Bicyclists embark on road to local healthy living

Biking in MarylandBy Rebecca J. Barnabi, SoMd News

More than 200 bicyclists rode from Gilbert Run Park on one of five routes to local farms in the Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission’s second Crop Hop on Saturday.

“I was diagnosed with diabetes in November,” Tena Branstetter said. “I wanted a way to lose weight and get in shape.”

She has lost more than 65 pounds and so far is able to control type 2 diabetes with diet and exercise, she said. Most of her exercising consists of bicycling, and she said her endocrinologist said she has never had a patient come so far.

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