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Saturday, June 25 2016 @ 05:05 AM UTC
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From Level of Service for Cars to Level of Mobility for People

Biking ElsewhereBy Bryan Jones, PE, AICP

We could start out by creating more space for people on our streets and in our communities. And let’s strive for Level of Mobility (LOM) A this time!

LOM A 55%+ of the public right of way that is dedicated to people
LOM B 50%-54% of the public right of way that is dedicated to people
LOM C 45%-49% of the public right of way that is dedicated to people
LOM D 40%-44% of the public right of way that is dedicated to people
LOM E 35%-39% of the public right of way that is dedicated to people
LOM F 34% and less of the public right of way that is dedicated to people

[B' Spokes: This is the first metric that I have seen that shows people should get more space then a 4' wide sidewalk. Enough with always use the minimum width in all cases for pedestrians and bicyclists but for cars let's try to give them an extra 4' per lane (if the same method of determining minimum width for cyclists was applied to motorists.) ]
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Biking Elsewhere-> Traffic fatalities are on the rise up again, with an increase of 8.1 percent in the first half of 2015, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration ( NHTSA officials attribute the problem to driver (or passenger) error — drunk driving, speeding, failure to wear seatbelts — but did promise "new initiatives to protect vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists." The hazards NHTSA flags are real, but Robert Steuteville at Better Cities & Towns says the agency is also overlooking another major culprit: dangerous street design, propagated by an engineering profession that's still pushing a "bigger is better" agenda...

from CenterLines, the e-newsletter of the National Center for Bicycling & Walking.
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It's blame the victim week in the War on Pedestrians

Biking in BaltimoreBy Lloyd Alter, Treehugger

"In the early days of the automobile, it was drivers' job to avoid you, not your job to avoid them. But under the new model, streets became a place for cars — and as a pedestrian, it's your fault if you get hit."
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Ryan Dorsey - Transit Improvements On The Way

PoliticsFrom Ryan Dorsey's email (he is running for city council 3rd district.)

Today I'm proud to announce that every detail of the revisions I submitted to Baltimore City's Department of Transportation concerning the Harford Road bridge at Herring Run project earlier this year has been adopted. Back in February, I wrote a petition asking the city to install protected bike lanes and sidewalks as part of the upcoming three year long project to completely replace this 104 year old bridge.

The plans will now include:

* a sidewalk height multi-use pathway with designated areas for cyclists and pedestrians, protecting both from car traffic on each side of the roadway
* bollard-protected cycle lanes along Harford Road approaching and leaving the bridge on both the North and South side
* an attractive handrail at the pathway curb, separating it from cars

As Baltimore continues to address inequality, this marks an important victory. A transportation system which provides users with safe, reliable choices will grow access to jobs and build a more equitable city. These improvements are an important part of breaking down systemic racial barriers to social equity and becoming a more united Baltimore.

Support progress for Baltimore City by donating to my campaign for City Council, endorsing this campaign through social media, and volunteering, so that in the years ahead I can continue to speak out and work for the interests of the 3rd District and Baltimore City.

Thanks to Caitlin Doolin and Chris Brown at DOT, Delegates Curt Anderson, Maggie McIntosh, and Cory McCray, Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke, and many thanks to Bikemore.

Enjoy a nice walk or a bike ride when the weather is clear.


Ryan Dorsey

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The Evolution of Stay-Right Laws

Bike Laws"Modern traffic laws define the slower-traffic-stay-right rule separately from the drive-on-the-right-half-of-the-road rule, but they originated as a single rule."
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As traffic deaths rise, blame engineering dogma

Biking ElsewhereBy Robert Steuteville, Better! Cities & Towns

US traffic deaths are rising again—fatalities jumped 8.1 percent in the first half of 2015, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports.

The NHTSA cites “drunken, drugged, distracted and drowsy driving; speeding; and failure to use safety features such as seat belts and child seats," but omits any mention of another D—design of streets and communities.

[B' Spokes: I'll note as cars were getting safer the road engineers were busy patting themselves on the back because they thought they were making the roads safer. Now that cars have peeked in there safety performance and the road engineers are still pushing their failed designs in more and more inappropriate places. Give that expressways are the safest per mile I will strongly assert that's because of grade separated intersections and NOT the higher speeds, NOT wide turning radius so turning vehicles don't even have to slow down, let alone stop and certainly NOT the wide lane width.]
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Animation Explains How Bad Planning Makes Car Ownership Compulsory

Biking ElsewhereB' Spokes: I highly recommend that you watch this video, lots of great points. Additionally there is a link for another great video on the origins of the term "jaywalking". Oh, by the way it is not a legal term in Maryland. Our law would be more accurately described as "crossing between consecutive intersections controlled by traffic lights." Keep in mind a intersection is where two highways intersect and a highway* is something for vehicle travel, wither public or private, this also includes alleyways and very possibly driveways. So there are very few places where "jaywalking" is without a doubt illegal.

* The legal definition of a highway follows:
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Study: Sprawling Areas Require 3 Times as Much Pavement Per Person

Biking in Baltimore[B' Spokes: And remember everyone pays close to the same in "road tax" so that means urban dwellers are paying for rural drivers. Which should put a end to the argument that rural drivers are paying for mass transit that they don't use.]
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Stiffer drunken-driving bill stalled in Md. House panel; advocates worried

Bike Laws[B' Spokes: Vallario is still insisting that the state be lenient with drunk drivers. :( ]
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Improvements coming to intersection where bicyclist died

Biking in MarylandB' Spokes: On one hand it's nice to see them doing something but on the other hand it's just lipstick on a pig, the substance of the problem remains. Bigger stop signs, come on, that's not going to do a thing. The issue is basically that if you accommodate a behavior, you get that behavior. In this case a right turn to an acceleration lane is the problem.

To explain further, people stop if there is cross traffic, no cross traffic little to no compliance for coming to a full and complete stop, too much like the wide radius right turns they put everywhere so people turning right don't have to stop, heck they don't even have to slow down.

The cheap fix would be to put a raised crosswalk in to make sure turning trucks slowed down significantly before turning (I believe the cost to be around $500). A better option would be to get rid of the acceleration lane and put a stop light in (I believe the cost to be around $2000.)

So there you have it, to prevent another cyclists death is not worth $2000. So sad that either of these options are not considered viable solutions.

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