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Tuesday, June 28 2016 @ 01:10 PM UTC

5 Great Bicycle Safety States: Oregon, Mass, New Hampshire, California & Maryland

Biking in MarylandBefore you get excited we have another case of got the facts wrong.
  • Helmet Law: Ages 15 and under.
  • Cycling under the Influence Law: No.
  • LAB Rank: 11.
  • Bicycling: N/A.
  • Maryland doesn’t mess around when it comes to bicycle accidents, and places the default blame on the motorist. If a bicyclist is seriously hurt in a vehicle collision, the driver is fined $1,000 and given three points on his or her driving record.

Our DUI is applicable to any vehicle including a bike. No we do not have the default blame on the motorist (possibly too much blame in the other direction) and typical fines for motorists are $500 max limited by court rule to $280. The fine referenced can happen but only in rare and too often hard to prove situations.

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